Vergil Ortiz Jr. Took on the Toughest Test of his Young Pro Career, Passes it With Flying Colors

With both fighters entering the mix of the dangerously crowded Welterweight division, an entertaining fight manifested from the main event on DAZN’s headliner bout, with prospect/contender 🇺🇸Vergil Ortiz Jr. (14-0-0, 14KO) putting forth a dominant performance against tough Mexican veteran challenger 🇲🇽Antonio Orozco (28-2-0, 17KO), showing a wide array of boxing skills enabling him to put together the pieces to eventually secure the 6th round knockout to maintain his perfect knockout streak.

A fight that produced some solid action and a test for the young highly touted prospect, Vergil hurt Orozco early in the first round and nearly put him to the canvas with series of crisp, hard combinations. Vergil was well on his game early, operating with perfect balance, a great sense of distance, and with precision punching, keeping Orozco at the end of his punch. Orozco in the second round regrouped and made it a contest, successfully getting inside the long reach and frame of Ortiz, and digging in some solid body shots, but Vergil took the punches well and returned fire via combination to even up some of the exchanges.

Vergil showcased ability to switch up and dig in his toolbox, circling out to box in certain spots, landing some thudding combination punches over Orozco’s lazy left hook that he tended to wing wide often, and Ortiz made him pay both to the head and to the body with a wide array of different punches being fired and landed. Orozco’s power could definitely be sensed and felt, although Vergil kept his defensive arm positioning well in tact, and his chin tucked to pick off some shots, and to nullify the damage from shots that got through and landed cleanly. Orozco kept the mental pressure on and continuously pressured the 21 year old fighter with marginal pockets of success, but Verge displayed a level of poise that enabled him to stick to his guns in carrying out the gameplan, and in being ready for whatever Antonio was dishing out his way.
We got some answers about Ortiz chin in the 4th round, when he was hit with a mega right hand up the middle from Orozco, landing right on the sweet spot, yet Ortiz was able to shrug it off to continue pushing forward. While the fight only lasted 6 rounds, we also received some answers about Vergil Ortiz’s stamina, taking into account that he had never fought past 5 rounds as a professional, and with the high level of sustainable action that took place with him throwing many power punches over the course of the fight.

In the 6th round, all hell broke loose for Orozco, with Vergil clipping Orozco with a strong uppercut, putting him down on the canvas. Orozco got up at the 8-count, and Vergil Ortiz went in for the finish, ripping and firing every punch that was in his toolbox, and putting Orozco down for the second time in the 6th stanza. Orozco barely made the count, getting up at 9, and albeit severely staggered, showed some real heart firing back in the midst of Vergil looking to put him way, trying to land something in between punches, but Orozco couldn’t land what he intended to land, and Vergil was razor accurate, chopping him down and finishing him with the right hand.

This was the second bout in a row for Vergil with him knocking out opponents who have never been stopped in their veteran careers, the previous coming against 🇺🇸Mauricio Herrera, and now against Orozco. This was also Ortiz first time as a headliner for a main event, and fighting in front of his hometown fans in Grand Prairie, Texas, and it passed with resounding results, boding well for his rising popularity as a young boxer, and for the critical acclaim that he is starting to accumulate throughout all hardcore boxing circles.

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