On the Radar:📡 Adam Kownacki & Chris Arreola

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 02/01/2020

(Four Heavyweight records broken)

BOXERS: 🇵🇱Adam Kownacki and 🇺🇸Chris Arreola

FEAT ACCOMPLISHED: Both fighters combined threw the most punches in a single fight in Heavyweight history, also landing the most combined punches in a single fight in Heavyweight history. Arreola individually set the Heavyweight record for most punches thrown, and Kownacki set the Heavyweight record for most punches landed.

THE PATH TO THE GOAL:📈 When the fight signing was made public, the immediate general consensus was that we were going to get an action packed fight, due to 🇵🇱Adam Kownacki and 🇺🇸Chris Arreola’s base styles locked in with one another, where both fighters could only fight one way, and that’s to come forward, fighting inside which is where they have earned their keeps throughout their careers.

We got the type of fight we anticipated, and there was a lot of activity back and forth throughout those 12 rounds that tallied to some of the astonishing overall numbers that were put up after the fight concluded.  Let’s take a quick look back to June 7th, 1997, where one of the most exciting Heavyweight contests in the last 3 decades took place between 2 undefeated heavy handed pugilists in 🇳🇿David Tua and 🇳🇬Ike Ibeabuchi. They both went to war, and Ibeabuchi racked up the ‘W’ on the cards after 12 grueling rounds of highly sustained combat.

A few Heavyweight records were broken that night, with both throwing a combined 1,730 punches, and a personal record with Ibeabuchi throwing 975 punches which is astonishing for a big man. Considering the shift in philosophy and direction of the Heavyweight division, most of us felt that this record would not be broken in the near for-see-able future, but it actually happened on Saturday, coming to fruition.

From the opening bell, both Kownacki & Arreola went after it, coming straight forward and throwing bomb after bomb, hoping to put a dent in their opponent. Kownacki showcased an iron chin that Arreola couldn’t crack, but Arreola never stopped trying, even continuing to fire his left hand after he broke it in the mid rounds trying to make something happen. For Kownacki, he made a stake as arguably being the craftiest active Heavyweight offensively with the way he is able to string a wide variety of combinations together.

He hurt Arreola a few times, but Arreola refused to budge, and made a fight of it. Kownacki won a UD, putting himself a step closer to a Title opportunity, but the headline wasn’t in his winning, it was the astonishing numbers that were put up. Both fighters broke Ibeabuchi’s record of 975 punches, with Kownacki throwing 1,047 punches, and Chris Arreola at 38 years of age, presumably in his final fight, setting a Heavyweight record with 1,125 punches thrown.

Combined they shattered the record of 1,730 punches thrown, with them firing an accumulation of ⚠️2,172! punches. They also set a new record of total punches landed with a combined 667 punches landing, and Kownacki setting a personal Heavyweight record, hitting Arreola 369 times.

A crazy fight it was…not bad for two guys with “Dad bods”, with a combined weight of over 500 lbs., but it goes to show you like with what 🇺🇸Andy Ruiz was able to accomplish, if your stamina and your speed is in place, it becomes an asset to you as a boxer instead of a hindrance. Hats off to these two fighters for giving everything they had.

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