A Very Classy Gesture from Subriel Matias 🗞️

It is awful when tragedies happen in the ring, and things are magnified even worse once you factor in the families and loved ones that was immediately affected by these outcomes, but often times we don’t think about the other fighter on the end of the spectrum. In most cases, these guys are putting their life on the line, and trying to earn for a living and do what they need to do in the ring to secure victory, so whenever they’re in the crosshairs of their opponent succumbing to injury, or passing away in the ring, it devastates them to no end.

After Maxim Dadashev passed earlier this week, his opponent Subriel Matias opened up to media, and he has suggested that he does not want to be paid the $75,000 he was under contract for. If he does get paid, perhaps something can be worked out for the Dadashev family, his wife and 2 year old son. Matias went on further, issuing a statement surrounding this terrible ordeal that occurred.

“No one is prepared to die while looking for dreams and goals,”

“We simply go up to the ring thinking about the well-being for our family without knowing how complicated and difficult it is to get into the ring,”

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