Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Robbed in Mexico 🗞️

Tonight, we received info that the most decorated Mexican boxer of all-time 🇲🇽Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. was robbed at gunpoint in Mexico City. The thief rolled up to him on a motorcycle, held the gun at Chavez head, and ultimately got away with his chain, and belongings from another gentleman that was with Chavez.

Julio briefly took to social media, paraphrasing “in those instances, a life can be taken at any second”, which rings heavy regarding the 🇺🇸Vernon Forrest situation that unfortunately had his lifespan cut short. With that being stated, Chavez decided to play it smart and gave up his possessions. Chavez is okay, and dealing with the situation accordingly.

If the situation arose, I could say with 100% confidence that the gunman would refuse at all costs to put the gun down to fight Chavez man to man.

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