Ramirez Hits the Road for Unification

WBC Super-Lightweight Champion 🇺🇸Jose Ramirez signs items for fans in Texas ahead of this weekend’s Super Lightweight Unification against Maurice Hooker.

For Ramirez, who has become a big time draw in California, going to enemy territory wasn’t something he was going to let get in the way of this fight happening…

“Maurice wanted the fight in his hometown so it was up to me to accept those terms and I did.”  

“When two fighters really want a fight and the promoter gives you the green light, there’s nothing to stop the big fights from being made. It just takes a little encouragement from your team. It’s a great fight for everybody”

“To be a great fighter you have to learn to adapt in any ring. The venue is important but it’s really down to us to perform in the ring — rings are all the same size and that is where we’re at home, no matter what city it is, that’s our territory.”

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