Rest in Peace to Maxim Dadashev 🗞️

The worst news has come out of Friday’s peril, as we have learned that “Mad Max” Maxim Dadashev has passed away at the age of 28, succumbing the the internal head injuries suffered in his bout with Subriel Matias on the Teofimo/Nakatani undercard. Dealing with a great deal of punishment, severe dehydration, and a brain bleed, he was transported to the hospital where they had to remove a piece of his skull to perform the emergency surgery, but he was ultimately passed saving. He was a very good young man, a good solid prospect, and gave us some moments showcasing big punching power early in his career. The beauty of boxing and the tragic outcomes of boxing are often intertwined, with us seeing the beauty behind strategic, sophisticated violence, however every once in a while, the worst scenarios can result from it, and even with solid protocol in place, these situations seem inevitable.

At this point in time to help with that cause, we feel that with the growth and advancements in technology, that boxing and sports in general should research and invest into technology that takes immediate imagery of the brain and what’s going on in the head so that medical staff, and people in charge can react quicker and take more evasive methods in helping to save lives and quality of life for survivors, as every waning moment and seconds are important when something is seriously wrong.

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