Dillian Whyte Defeats Oscar Rivas, Becomes WBC Mandatory

In the main event at the O2 Arena in London, British Heavyweight 🇬🇧Dillian Whyte used his jab to control the bulk of his fight with previously unbeaten Colombian 🇨🇴Oscar Rivas to win a 12 round unanimous decision and become the WBC Heavyweight mandatory. The win earns him a title shot against whoever survives after February of 2020 between Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury & Luis Ortiz.

When the opening bell rang, Rivas came out strong, bringing the fight to Whyte, proving that the moment wasn’t too big for him, clearly taking the first round on my card in the process.

The second round got interesting with Whyte hurting Rivas but the Colombian responded aggressively when Whyte attempted to finish him off. Each man matched the other for intensity but Whyte got the better of the second round.

Once the third round began it seemed like everything changed for Rivas. The aggression was gone as he appeared to hit a brick wall which was the left jab of Dillian Whyte. That jab and some signature body work, would control the fight over the next six rounds as Whyte banked all of them.

Whyte appeared to be in cruise control until Rivas put him down with a right uppercut early in the ninth round. Whyte picked himself up off the canvas to attempt to survive the rest of the round against Rivas who was well aware he was down big and had to go for it all.

Whyte composed himself and came back to finish the round strong. Whyte was back in the driver seat again after that and won on two cards of 115-112 and a third 116-111.

Dillian Whyte on WBC Mandatory status: “We’ll see, this is boxing. A lot of things get said but not much gets done. Mandatory position means I could be sitting on that ranking another 600 days”

Jon Uddin – 117-110
Tre Berry III – 117-110

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