Chisora Blasts Szpilka in Two Rounds

British heavyweight 🇬🇧Dereck Chisora (31-9-0, 24KO) keeps his head above water at least a little longer in the division after sparking out Polish toughman 🇵🇱Artur Szpilka (22-4-0, 15KO) in the second round of the Whyte-Rivas undercard at the O2 Arena in London.

From the jump Chisora made good on his ring nickname “WAR”, winging shots at Szpilka that had every intention of delivering a highlight reel knockout.

Szpilka managed to get through the first round by narrowly avoiding Chisora’s bombs, but he was eventually caught and rocked defenseless on the ropes as Chisora lined him up for a series of devastating shots that turned his lights out.

After the fight Chisora stated who he wants to be matched up with next, “I want Joseph Parker, bring him on. Let’s hope that Australian chicken doesn’t go ducking.”

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