A Fighter in Real Peril (Maxim Dadashev) 🗞️

What was actually a good fight last night turned into a disaster later on, with potential tragic implications that we hope don’t manifest the worst fears that surfaced after seeing and hearing the news that has come about. Two hot prospects collided with one another yesterday in the Junior-Welterweight division with Puerto Rican 🇵🇷Subriel Matias (14-0-0, 14KO), and Russian 🇷🇺Maxim Dadashev (13-1-0, 11KO) fighting in a Title-Eliminator for the IBF belt held by Josh Taylor.

The way the fight broke out has no importance in comparison to the health of the fighter, (congratulations to Matias for advancing btw) but to give a very short breakdown… Matias being the power-puncher, put on a great deal of pressure while Mad Max used all of the real estate out-boxing him early. Matias pressure came on later, started to land some thudding blows.


The 11th round was a devastating one with Matias throwing at least 150 punches and landing at a good clip, and something didn’t look right as Dadashev was taking in the punishment. His legs were all over the place, he looked to have a daze in his eyes, and he was just operating on auto-pilot. Trainer James “Buddy” McGirt realized the type of punishment that was being administered, so he told Dadashev he was going to stop the fight. Dadashev refused to budge, so McGirt actually started begging Maxim, pleading him. Maxim kept shaking his head no, but Buddy made the decision to call the fight and not allowing him to go out for the 12th and final round, deciding he would rather his guy be mad at him than the see the worst possible outcome manifest, and this decision may have actually saved this young man’s life.

It was clear that Dadashev had a concussion, and a ring Physician confirmed it. After siting on his stool for minutes, sitting with the Doctor, for some reason he was permitted to leave to the dressing room under his own power with no help. Witnessing his walk while being held up by his people was a scary fight to see, as he was all over the place, heavy uncoordinated on one side, and appearing as if he would collapse about 4 or 5 times if he wasn’t being propped up by his team, and vomiting nonstop as a result of dehydration and signaling that something may have been wrong upstairs. They were late to get the gerney out, and that angered Timothy Bradley as well as myself; Certain safety precautions have to be put in place, and anytime you’re dealing with a concussion, they should have the equipment ready to roll to ringside, every moment counts. A hospital was called, and they transported him to the ambulance. While he was in the ambulette, he was reportedly aware and answering questions, but at some point, he lost consciousness and dipped into a coma. Apparently he had suffered so much swelling on a part of the brain, that he had to be taken in for immediate surgery, and that’s where we are at now, hoping to receive some positive news following a nightmare chain of events last night.

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