Keith Thurman Speaking About his Upcoming Bout with Manny Pacquiao

🗣️|| “Does Manny belong in the ring with a fighter in his prime? Is Keith Thurman still Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman after some vulnerability against Josesito Lopez?” (Thurman asking himself the question)…..

🗣️|| “Of course, I’d like to get the knockout or TKO, but either way, you’re going to see a world class performance that has me standing alone on top of a division that has so many great fighters. I’m trying to be that great, devastating Champion once again, and come July 20, I will prove that I am.”

🗣️|| “What I’m looking forward to is how badly Manny backs up the few words that he says, which is that he wants it to be exciting, he wants to trade, he wants to exchange…but in that last fight, when they said to him, ‘Manny, how do you feel?’ He said, ‘I feel good.’ In my head, at home, I said, ‘Man, he felt good because he didn’t get punched in the face. He felt good because he didn’t get hit in the body.’ How good is he gonna feel after 12 rounds of boxing with your man right here, Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman?”

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