Shakur Stevenson Has an Easy Night, Makes a Successful Homecoming Against Replacement Opponent

Promising young generational talent 🥈🇺🇸Shakur Stevenson (12-0-0, 7KO) had a successful homecoming to Newark, New Jersey, fighting at and headlining for the first time in his city at the Prudential Center. He had a relatively routine night, making easy work of his replacement opponent 🇲🇽Alberta Guevara (27-5-2, 12KO), and got the knockout victory under his belt after he pressed the action once he noticed that he essentially had a sitting duck in front of him.

After Stevenson’s original opponent 🇨🇺Hairon Socarras pulled out of their contest, there were plenty of fighters who turned down the opportunity to fight with Stevenson, but Guevara was the one fighter who decided to sign up on 8 days notice and roll the dice. Shakur for this fight was in stalker mode, and fought all of the fight coming forward while Guevara made it clear that he wanted to circle and box on the outside, however he had limited success due to his reluctance to open up any type of sustainable offense, so Stevenson continued to walk him down, and land what he needed to land. There wasn’t much to take or learn from at all in this contest due to the mismatch of abilities, however if there was one thing to note from this one, is that Stevenson is becoming a wise, seasoned fighter upstairs. Evidence to support that was in him surveying his opponent to figure out where his weaknesses lay, so that he could utilize his versatility to adjust what needs to be adjusted to exploit those areas. He noticed. Based on Guevara’s physique, you could tell he wasn’t in peak shape, and he showed up to the fight soft in the middle, not that common for Featherweights, so Stevenson decided to change up what he normally does, and gave him a steady dose of a body attack, and landed over and over again to the body, and Guevara clearly couldn’t take what Stevenson was dishing out. Stevenson got the knockout in the 3rd round, putting another victory in the books.

LOOKING FORWARD – Stevenson currently is ranked in the top-5 in 3 of the 4 major sanctioning bodies (WBA #1, WBC #3, WBO #1), and is chomping at the bit to get a World Title shot with any of the Belt holders in the Featherweight division. In the post fight interview, he zeroed in on IBF Titlist 🇬🇧Josh Warrington (29-0-0, 6KO), and WBO Titlist 🇲🇽Oscar Valdez (26-0-0, 20KO), issuing his challenge, hoping he gets one of those fighters to bite the bait. Despite only being 22 years old, Shaq has as much natural talent as anyone in the Featherweight division, and has showcased some quality wrinkles to his skill-set that supersede his years, so he is ready, and in a prime position to at the very least give those guys great fights, and best case scenario, perhaps even beating them. We will keep a close eye if anything develops in the near future.

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