Rey Vargas Beats Tomoki Kameda in Carson, California by UD

Tall rangy WBC Super-Bantamweight Titlist 🇲🇽Rey Vargas (34-0-0, 22KO) fended off a good challenge from “El Mexicanito” Japanese former Titlist 🇯🇵Tomoki Kameda (36-3-0, 20KO) and boxed his way to a Unanimous Decision victory in front of a crowd at 🏞️Dignity Health Sports Park that seemed to favor the Japanese fighter in terms of rooting interest.

Early on, Kameda was finding home with some bombs of a right hand that he was landing over Vargas low lead hand, and did some good in-work to get the Champions respect early. When the 5th round approached, Vargas made some adjustments, nullifying Kameda’s attack and limiting what he was landing successfully earlier in the fight, as Kameda’s right hand started to land either a little short, or a little long. With Kameda’s lack of versatility, he became a predictable fighter, and Vargas started to find more of a groove down the stretch, boxing outside at his range, connecting with his body-punching at a good clip (he’s a very good body-puncher for his size) and landing his unusual uppercuts from the outside, which normally shouldn’t work, and should put you in a compromising defensive disadvantage, but he throws it in a way where he limits where perceived openings should be while doing so. Though Vargas was in control, Kameda continued to press the action and made him work. Though he was falling behind, Kameda fought well up to his capabilities, landing some good shots along the way. In the 12th round, Tomoki hit Rey with two big power punches on a break, and veteran Referee Jerry Cantu wasn’t having it, taking a point away from the challenger. They fought the full 12, and the fight went to the scorecards. The scores were a little too wide for my taste, nonetheless they picked the right winner, giving Vargas the Unanimous Decision victory. The crowd didn’t seem that thrilled with the decision, but it’s noted that Kameda had plenty of fans come out to the sports venue, the likes of many Japanese supporters, and Mexican fans who grew accustomed to him, being a fighter who trained in Mexico, speaks fluent Spanish, and has a warriors style, so the booing wasn’t properly aligned, or adequately reflected the combat that took place in the ring tonight. Vargas has made the 6th defense of his WBC Super-Bantamweight Title, with all of those defenses coming against healthy, quality competition.

WHAT THE DIVISION NEEDS – In attendance tonight was WBA & IBF Super-Bantamweight Champion 🇺🇸Daniel Roman (27-2-1, 10KO), and after the fight, Vargas expressed interest in fighting Roman, as Roman himself has shown some intrigue in a Unification Title match to see who would come out with 3 of the 4 major Belts in the division. With this match-up, this would be a battle of #1 (Roman) vs. #2 (Vargas) in the rankings, which would produce a new ♛RING-MAGAZINE-LINEAL Super-Bantamweight Champion of the World, and considering each of their prospects on the horizon, it only makes sense for them at this point in time to seek each other out to fight the big match.


🤜 Rey Vargas = 173/793, 21.8% Landed.
🤜 Tomoki Kameda = 133/394, 33.8% Landed.

Lou Moret = 117-110 for REY VARGAS
Kevin Scott = 117-110 for REY VARGAS
Zachary Young = 117-110 for REY VARGAS
Tré Berry = 115-112 for REY VARGAS
Jon Uddin = 116-111 for REY VARGAS

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