Murata Gets Revenge Over Brant, Regains Title in Front of Home Crowd

In front of a packed house at the EDION Arena in Osaka, Japan, 🥇🇯🇵Ryota Murata (15-2-0, 12KO) stopped 🇺🇸Rob Brant (25-2-0, 17KO) in the second round, regaining the secondary WBA Title Belt he lost to the Minnesota native last fall.

The difference in this contest proved to be the body shots Murata landed early on combined with a storm of power punches that eventually put Brant on the canvas in round 2. Brant got up but didn’t slow down Murata’s attack by tying up and didn’t respond to Murata with his own return fire, eventually leading to the referee stopping the bout.  Murata was met with a jubilation of applause from the fans in attendance at the EDION center, as they were very pleased to see their man once again surface victorious in a rematch, and regaining his secondary Title Belt from the man he lost it against.  With this victory, this once again puts Murata back in the drivers seat, not just for a potential rubber-match against Rob Brant, but also in looking at additional options in a top-heavy Middleweight division that can put him in position at opportunities to bolster his credentials at the professional level.

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