Talking Legends:📽️ Felix Trinidad

Puerto Rican superstar 🇵🇷Felix ‘Tito’ Trinidad (42-3-0, 35KO) was one fighter I could make an argument for as being the most 🔌⚡electrifying overall offensive force in the last 3 decades. Despite a very lean frame, his punching power was devastatingly inconceivable, but if you were to see his knuckles with the gloves off, and factor in the way he fired his shots the with the torque in he threw them, it makes perfect sense why he hit so hard.

He had underrated speed, knew how to use his height and reach, and had one of the most lethal left hooks in recently memory, with the ability to throw it both short and long without compromising his defensive positioning, which is a rarity in and of itself. He was an intimidating boxer, to where his opponents throughout all 36 minutes (if they got there) never had a moment of ease in their fights. A charismatic personality, his supporters backed him heavily all over the world, and you felt the palpitations in the crowd whenever Tito would step towards the ring from his dressing room, and especially when he landed his power during the fight.

Felix was trained by his father Felix Trinidad Sr., and made his pro debut in 1990 after winning multiple Golden-Glove competitions back in Puerto Rico. It took him 3 years to work up to a title-bout with Welterweight Champion Maurice Blocker, and he took full advantage of his opportunity, stopping the well respected Champion in the 2nd round. As a young dominating force in the division, he took care of legend 🇵🇷Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho, and gave Yori Boy Campas his first loss after winning his first 56 fights. He also delivered Oba Carr his first loss, who was a very good fighter that could’ve thrived if he were in a different time period. As Tito continued to get better, his boxing and punching abilities were more revered, and he had a big opportunity to take it to the next level by signing up to fight legendary ♛🥇🇺🇸Pernell Whitaker, who was on the down-slide in his career. Nonetheless, Trinidad in my view gave Pernell the first legitimate loss in his career, and showed serious poise in doing so and exhibited his punching power in full mass. At this point, everyone knew that a showdown with him and another young superstar was on the way, and later in the year, it finally materialized. ♛🇵🇷Felix Trinidad & ♛🥇🇺🇸Oscar De La Hoya both met in the ring in front of a Mandalay Bay crowd in Las Vegas for the Lineal Championship of the world to in fact see who was the man. Despite its lofty expectations of a super match-up, it didn’t live up to its billing. As for the fight itself, it was remarkable striking how easy a time De La Hoya was having in out-boxing Trinidad for about 2/3rd’s of the fight, and then a dramatic turn took place. Oscar got a taste of Trinidad’s power and shamelessly got on his 🚴‍♂️bicycle for the last 4 rounds, with Trinidad pressing the action and landing the boom all the way to the final bell, making the fight close. While I felt Oscar had enough rounds in the bag to secure the decision, he lost plenty of respect by embarrassing himself, and Trinidad gained respect by finishing out as a true Champion. To many’s surprise, Trinidad was awarded the decision to be looked at as THEE Welterweight Champion, but considering everything that happened, it was almost fitting for Tito to hold that moniker due to the way he carried himself in the fight.

Felix moved up in weight after the mega-match, and somehow became more devastating a fighter, completely beating up excellent talent David Reid and further damaging his compromised eye (Reid could’ve been something major if he was moved right and didn’t suffer his injury). Trinidad met up with dangerous super-talent Fernando Vargas in his prime, but it didn’t scare Tito one bit. He let that be known in the first round where he knocked Vargas down twice and wobbled him on many occasion. While he got out to the big lead, Vargas outboxed him and got himself back in the fight, evening it after about 9 rounds, even putting Tito down himself dueing the action. Vargas seemed to gas late, while Tito got stronger, and by the time the 12th round came, Tito emptied all his bullets and detonated on Vargas, putting him down 3 times in the final stanza for the late knockout. At this point, Felix was on top of the world. He moved up to Middleweight and put a beating of a lifetime on Joppy, punishing him en route to a knockout to become a 3-division Champion. With aspirations to become 👑Undisputed Champion, he met with Middleweight legend ♛🇺🇸Bernard ‘The Executioner’ Hopkins who possessed the other 2 belts. Tito brought it to that fight, but it was apparent, especially in the middle rounds that Hopkins was too clever for him and continuously set traps, made him pay and roughed him up. Hopkins got to Tito late, and managed to knock out the proud Puerto Rican, making Hopkins the first Undisputed Middleweight Champion in quite some time. In efforts to get back on track, Tito beat a journeyman and met up with dangerous puncher & career irritant Ricardo Mayorga. This was one of Trinidad’s most entertaining fights with them displaying their power back and forth, and with Mayorga’s antics, but Tito systematically broke him down, and it got worse as the fight got to the middle rounds. Trinidad was able to secure the knockout victory. Next, he met up with the great ♛🇺🇸Ronald ‘Winky’ Wright, but was thoroughly outclassed and dominated by eating a barrage of hundreds of jabs, and was kept at bay where he was completely ineffective of landing his power. After the lopsided defeat, he retired from the sport of boxing. He did however come back for one more bout, this time against another legend ♛🥈🇺🇸Roy Jones Jr. in an ‘over-the-hill’ type match. While both faded, I felt the fight was a decent fight for two old guys, but Roy Jones did what was needed and outboxed Trinidad to a victory. This was officially Tito’s last stint in the sport of boxing, and his memorable knockout performances and theatre for the deamatic will forever be remembered, and immortalized in the minds of boxing fans all over the globe. Here are a list of his accomplishments. 🖼️

– 1X Lineal Champion (Welterweight)
– 5X World Champion (WBA, WBC, IBF)
– 2X Unified World Champion (147, 154)
– 3-Division World Champion (147, 154, 160)
– 21 Wins in World Title Fights
– Defeated 12 Boxers Whom Were World Champions
– Defeated 5 Boxers Who Were Undefeated
– Has Wins Over 3 Olympic Gold-Medalists
– Ring-Magazine 2000 Fighter of the Year
– Universally Regarded as a Top-5 Puerto Rican Boxer
– Regarded As One of the Best Punchers of the 1990’s
– International Boxing Hall-of-Fame (Inducted in 2014)

SIGNATURE MOMENT – Taking out the explosive Fernando Vargas in the 12th and final round, putting him down twice, the for a final time in devastating fashion.

NOTABLE WINS – ♛🥇🇺🇸Oscar De La Hoya (Questionable, already covered), 🇺🇸Fernando Vargas, ♛🥇🇺🇸Pernell Whitaker, 🥇🇺🇸David Reid, 🇵🇷Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho, ♛🇺🇸Maurice Blocker, 🇲🇽Yori Boy Campas, 🇺🇸Oba Carr, 🇺🇸William Joppy.

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