Lubin Looks Strong, Dominates Attou

A solid year under the guidance of head trainer Kevin Cunningham, 🇺🇸Erickson Lubin continues to climb his way back into the front of people’s minds when they discuss the top talent in the Jr Middleweight division.

Lubin took control from the outset of his fight against 🇫🇷Zakaria Attou of France Saturday night at the NRG Arena in Houston, Texas on the way to a 4th round TKO in their WBC Eliminator.

This one played out how just about everyone expected, with Lubin just levels ahead of Attou talent wise, as Attou himself conceded coming in. Attou was pretty much in defense mode just using the ring to find a way to survive. It would get worse near the end of the third round when it appears the Frenchman suffered an injury to his right bicep.

The following round Lubin opened up an attack that dropped Attou and the corner of the French journeymen wasted no time in throwing the towel as they recognized no further evidence was needed to see their man was outgunned.

The 23 year old southpaw Lubin moves to 21-1 with 16 knockouts and said post fight that a title bout is unlikely to happen next and he has veteran Austin Trout or Terrell Gausha (rated #13 WBC) in his sights for the fall. As for Attou he suffers his first loss in four years having gone 10-0-1 previous to this fight. He now falls to 29-7-1 with 6 knockouts.


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