Jermall Charlo Wins a Wide Decision over Brandon Adams, Despite Adams Stubborn Challenge

WBC secondary Titlist 🇺🇸Jermall “Hitman” Charlo (29-0-0, 21KO) fought a disciplined, methodical fight and successfully outpointed game-contender 🇺🇸Brandon “Cannon” Adams (21-3-0, 13KO) to secure a wide Unanimous Decision victory, showcasing his skills amid dealing with a very slick, crafty fighter in Adams.

This was a slow paced fight to start off. With both Jermall Charlo & Brandon Adams keeping their cards close to their chest in the first couple rounds, the fight opened up at the tail-end of the 3rd round with Adams finally coming forward, getting in Charlo’s rib-cage to land a couple shots, but Charlo himself opened up and landed a couple of big shots on the inside.

Charlo showed some very good composure, remaining patient throughout against a style (from Adams) that capitalizes on opponents mistakes usually manifesting from frustration and lunging attacks. Adams is a good, slick position defender, but he wasn’t authoring up much in the offensive department.

Adams maneuverability overall made for a strange fight, where he smothered his own lanes to punch, and was close enough to where Charlo couldn’t get the right leverage out there to drive his shots in whenever Adams was in close range and operating in that mode. Charlo managed to hurt Adams in the 5th round, landing a shotgun jab that wobbled Adams to the ropes, where Jermall opened up with left hooks and right hands that staggered him further, but Adams tied him up effectively to escape the barrage to get out of the round.

The 6th round was the most exciting round of this contest, with Adams finally opening up, rough-housing Charlo and landing a few single bombs, but Charlo retaliated by placing his powerful uppercut and his left hooks that slipped through Adams guard. Adams successfully landed a bomb of a right hand at the end of the 8th round, but it didn’t phase Charlo, as he has one of the best chins in all of boxing.

The Championship rounds were pretty entertaining, as they fought through all the way to the end of the 12th round. Charlo claimed to hurt his left hand in either the second or third rounds, and Charlo, and was in agony as they were taking his left glove off after the fight, nonetheless he up upwards of 10 rounds in my view, a solid, commanding performance throughout.


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