Commey Knocks Beltran Down 4 Times & Ultimately Out in an Exciting 8 Round Contest

IBF Lightweight Titlist 🇬🇭Richard “RC” Commey (29-2-0, 26KO) authored up the signature moment of his career thus far as he overwhelmed respected veteran warrior 🇺🇸Ray Beltran (36-9-0, 22KO) early and often, putting the 38 year old Beltran down 2 times in the first round and nearly getting the knockout victory in the first stanza, but Beltran as we are normally accustomed to by now, fought himself out of trouble and back in the fight…

This one turned into the fire-fight that we were all expecting to get. The one thing that was noted from the jump is that Commey could take Beltran’s power a lot better than Beltran was standing up to Commey’s superior power in both fists. Ray tried to box in the middle rounds, and had varying degrees of success in certain spots, but after a while, Ray realized to get himself fully back into the fight, he had to take the fight to the Ghanaian fighter from the Bronx, but his success was sporadic. Commey landed a short shot in the 5th round that didn’t seem devastating, but it hit Beltran right on the button and put him down for the third time in the contest. Perhaps some of that was due to weakened legs, both from the punishment that was being administered by Commey, and with Beltran going the extra mile to try to make a weight he can’t make comfortably anymore. In the 8th round, Commey fired a big left hook that landed on the inside of Beltran’s right glove that he had up for defense, but was out of position, and Beltran dropped straight on his back, resulting in a 4th knockdown. He got up at about the count of 5, but the Referee decided to stop the fight, thus Commey securing his first title defense, against someone of pretty high stature, a hell of a way to bolster his credentials. As for Ray, with his previous fight being at a comfortable weight of 140, and him failing to make 135, he has indicated that if he continues to fight, his days at Lightweight are over, and that he will fight on at Junior-Welterweight.



WHAT’S NEXT? – This sets the table now for the unofficial Lightweight tournament that is taking place right now, and Commey will go on to fight the winner between 🇺🇸Teofimo Lopez & 🇯🇵Masayoshi Nakatani that will take place 3 weeks from now. Whoever is standing from this 3-man bracket will very likely face the winner between the Lightweight Champion of the World 👑🥇🥇🇺🇦Vasiliy Lomachenko and 🥇🇬🇧Luke Campbell, for the Undisputed Lightweight Championship of the World, and exciting time for a talented Lightweight division with most of its major players going for the gusto.

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