Jermell Charlo Takes Care of his Replacement Opponent Jorge Cota with a Strong Knockout

Former WBC Super-Welterweight Titlist & now-#1 contender 🇺🇸Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (32-1-0, 16KO) handled business in the 3rd round after a long feel-out process, then unloaded the power on 🇲🇽Jorge Cota (28-4-0, 25KO), putting him down twice, the second resulting in one of the better knockouts of the 2019 calendar year.

Of course due to Cota stepping in as a late replacement after WBC World Titlist 🇺🇸Tony Harrison tore ligaments in his ankle, Charlo decided to fight behind a very reserved approach to get a better understanding of his opponent, and collected data that he could download and use in his favor. It felt like it took a while before Charlo decided to open up, especially considering that Cota is both an awkward and fundamentally sloppy fighter, but considering the unorthodox approach and his power, you want to be careful against someone who could punch, and Cota fits the bill for that description.

As the third round came, Jermell opened up and landed a strong right hand down the pipe, knocking Cota down. Referee Jay Nady did a poor job (as usual) in checking Cota’s condition after getting up from the knockdown, allowing Cota to lounge on the ropes, keeping himself propped up on the top rope with his elbow, but Nady allowed the action to continue. Charlo walked in and landed a nuclear 1-2 combination that put Cota flat on his back. With his eyes rolling in the back of his head, Nady called the fight off immediately with no count, and Charlo puts this one in the books. Though Cota of course is not a top fighter by any stretch of the imagination, that is a good accomplishment considering that in Cota’s 31 professional fights leading up to this one, he had showcased a very sturdy chin throughout his career.

Obviously of course Charlo in the post-fight interview expressed his desire to continue to pursue getting the re-match with 🇺🇸Harrison, and trolled Harrison about his injury while doing so. Hopefully for their sake, and our sake that Harrison can heal up properly so that we can all get the match that we want to see next for both of them.

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