Elwin Soto Becomes New WBO Light-Flyweight Titlist After a Horrid Stoppage by the Referee in the 12th Round

This fight was a war, with both fighters throwing massive bombs trading back and forth, unfortunately Referee Thomas Taylor overshadows it by becoming the headliner in a very abrupt stoppage in the 12th and final round. With that stoppage, 🇲🇽Elwin Soto (15-1-0, 10KO) becomes the new holder of the WBO Light-Flyweight Title, and 🇵🇷Angel “Tito” Acosta (20-2-0, 20KO), while livid at the decision, showed his frustration in a classy manner after the bout in how it all unfolded. 

Soto early on impressed those in attendance, finding opportunities to counter with some blistering power shots, but Acosta showcased good ability to take a punch and stuck to his game plan. Soto hurt Acosta in the 2nd round however with a big right hand over the top, but Acosta continued to press forward with the action after getting his legs back quickly and opening up his repertoire, firing in combinations. A big standout moment occurred in the 3rd round as Soto loaded up with a big left hook, right hand combination that knocked him straight back, then down to the canvas. Acosta on unsturdy legs benefitted from an illegal push from Soto that caused a temporary stop to the action so that the referee could talk to Soto and give an official warning being that was the second time that happened.

The 4th round, each fighter was hurt multiple times in a slug it out affair, with both trying to jockey into position for command of the action. Slowly in the middle rounds, Acosta started to take control of the fight by picking up the action, with everything he threw being heavy, yet he wasn’t loading up on his shots. Soto remained game though, showing an iron-chin that kept him up against shots that Acosta would normally blow his opponents away with.

The Champion found some cracks in Soto’s defense around the 8th round and grew confidence in targeting him, most notably to the body, and through Soto’s wide counter-punching. Down the stretch of the fight, Acosta did what Champions do, and dictated the pace and tempo of the fight, while nullifying the type of skills that Soto used earlier, adapting well. In the 12th round, Soto landed a massive punch that staggered Acosta to the ropes with about a minute to go in the fight, and the Referee stepped in to stop the fight amid protest from Angel Acosta, ending a great co-headliner on a sour note.

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