Cancio Shines Once Again, Knocks out Machado in the 3rd Round to Keep his Secondary WBA Title Belt

With both of these combatants diving into an immediate rematch, 🇺🇸Andrew “El Chango” Cancio (21-4-2, 15KO) came out strong, with improved skills, stronger confidence, and took the fight to 🇵🇷Alberto “El Explosivo” Machado (21-2-0, 17KO), successfully ending Machado’s night in a very similar manner to how Andrew took him out in their first encounter that took place back in February…

Machado this time around came out with more of an emphasis on using his range to box, but he and Cancio had many fiery exchanges throughout the early rounds. Both fighters came out very fresh, and Cancio was especially accurate, both to the head and body. Cancio hurt Machado in the back-end of the 2nd round with a barrage of combination punching, leaving Machado on weary legs. One thing to note… considering how the first fight went, it is perplexing by this point that Alberto Machado never learned the importance of holding, or how to hold in training.

Cancio’s confidence grew in the 3rd round, walking down the Puerto Rican fighter, and put Machado down with a left hook to the body 🖼️(PICTURED ABOVE)…..more-or-less resembling his 3 knockdowns in their 1st fight, that put Machado on a knee. Machado looking weak didn’t quite make the count, getting up right after the Referee counted to 10, but it wasn’t conclusive enough to say whether or not Machado decided to quit for the match.


With that being stated, Cancio delivered, and he delivered BIG TIME, showing the world that the first fight wasn’t a fluke, and secured yet another big victory in what has culminated into one hell of a turnaround in this Mexican-American’s career, keeping his secondary WBA Title in celebration along with his fans in Fantasy Spring Casino in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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