Makabu Stops Kudryashov in 5 Rounds in Russia

In a Crusierweight matchup that was destined to be an old school slugfest with the 92% combined knockout rate of the fighters in the ring, 🇨🇩Ilunga Makabu (25-2-0, 24KO) defeated 🇷🇺Dmitry Kudryashov (23-3-0, 23KO) with a conclusive TKO in the 5th round.

The fight opened up in the middle of the second round when both men began trading freely with Makabu getting the better of the exchanges and putting the Russian Hammer down with a left hook. Kudryashov recovered but was put on the ropes and nearly dropped by the same shot when the bell rang to end the round.

When the bell rang to open the third round Makabu immediately pressed the action, attempting to capitalize on his previous rounds work and get Kudryashov out of there.

He did a lot of good work, keeping the Russian slugger on the ropes for nearly 2 minutes of the round, but began taking some return fire near the end, including a left hook that sent him reeling back across the ring at the end of the round.

By the 4th round Makabu was having his way, clubbing away at Kudryashov and while he was eating some punches as well, he was clearly getting the better of the exchanges. Midway through the round Kudryashov was bloodied and battered and referee Hector Afu had the doctor take a look at Kudryashov who was given the ok to go on.

The fifth round gave us a beaten up Kudryashov who didn’t have much more to give but was willing to go out on his shield. Makabu continued teeing off on him with peppering jabs and big hooks before Afu decided there was no more he needed to see stopping the bout with 17 seconds left in the 5th.

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