The “KO Doctor” Yuniel Dorticos Puts Away Andrew Tabiti with a Signature Knockout in the 10th Round

After a commanding performance from the early rounds on, WBSS #2 Seed 🇨🇺Yuniel “The KO Doctor” Dorticos (24-1-0, 22KO) becomes a 2X Titleholder in becoming the new IBF Cruiserweight Champion of the world with a devastating punch cutting the night of WBSS #5 Seed 🇺🇸Andrew “Beast” Tabiti (17-1-0, 13KO) short at the backend of the 10th round.

Wthin the first 3 rounds, Tabiti was moving well early, sticking and moving, circling the ring. Tabiti however felt the power of the “KO Doctor” in the second round from an overhand right, that made Tabiti uncomfortable, forcing Tabiti to use more real-estate than he intended to use. Switching up knowing the type of power that Yuniel carries, Tabiti started unleashing combinations effectively in the 3rd, utilizing his speed advantage. Dorticos readjusted, and started straightening out his punches, landing effectively. He found some success landing his right hand counter over Tabiti’s landing at an effective clip. As Dorticos connect percentage of power punches increased, Dorticos started to cut the ring off effectively, limiting Tabiti’s escape routes after trying to circle out and escape to get a breather and get his composure together. Mid-fight, Tabiti tried to establish a double jab so that he could catch Dorticos between his counterpunching, but didn’t work as well as he had planned.

In the 6th round, an accidental clash of heads opened up a nasty cut over Dorticos right eye in a very bad spot where the blood exclusively poured into his eye, however his corner did a fantastic job of coagulating the cut, to where it was no longer a problem going forward in the fight after it had been tended to. Tabiti had 1 point deducted from Tabiti for what Referee Eddie Claudio felt was excessive holding. As the fight progressed, the effectiveness of Dorticos jab (the best jab n the Cruiserweight division) stifled Tabiti’s timing and rhythm, failing to establish the game plan he wanted to implement coming into the fight. A Devastating knockout came about as Dorticos landed a bone-crunching right cross thrown in combination, as a counterpunch over Tabiti’s left hand that he held way too low, and Yuniel made him fully pay for it, putting him away and down for about a minute before Tabiti was helped up to his stool.


Dorticos has now moved on to the World Boxing Super Series Semi-Final to face the winner of Kryststof Glowacki and Mairis Breidis for a mega showdown to crown a singular figure as a Champion in the talent-stacked Cruiserweight division.


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