Stripes to be Earned, or Another “Feather” in the Cap (Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad)

Outspoken IBF Featherweight World Champion 🇬🇧Josh “Leeds Warrior” Warrington (28-0-0, 6KO) seems to be on a destiny course toward greatness that he himself has been a benefactor of in paving in creating his own fortune along the way, and delivering on his self-made promises to becoming one of the stand out performers in the Featherweight division. On Saturday, June 15th, he will be accompanied in the ring by #1 IBF World contender 🇬🇧Kid Galahad (26-0-0, 15KO) in the Champions backyard of Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom at the Fresh Direct Arena… 

Warrington has exploded onto the scene back in May of 2018 when he scored 2 heavy victories as the underdog against both 🇬🇧Lee Selby to pick up his World Title, and his outstanding performance against revered Ireland great 🇬🇧Carl Frampton, catapulting himself into being one of the three biggest pillars in the division. Warrington can best be described as a relentless buzzsaw, with a cast iron chin and a warriors resolve, one who seldom gives his opponents any room to breathe or to get comfortable in spots for them to orchestrate his gameplan. What has taken Warrington to another level is that he has underrated boxing ability whenever he feels the need to back off his onslaught and offer up something different to the style that’s in front of him. He also is a very strong fighter mentally and physically, who also punches far harder than his knockout percentage would indicate, something that was referenced by Frampton after their bout. Concocting all those gifts together, with his brash, dominant personality, the Leeds Warrior offers up something unique to this current crop of boxing, and he is looking to continue his improbable run, but he has yet again another quality opponent in front of him.

As for Kid Galahad, he is a very talented boxer who has been itching at this opportunity for a World Title for a long time, and with the style of skill-set he has, he has a great opportunity to push the envelope and make something happen in this one, but he has to be mentally ready for what the Champion will charge with him in doing so. During his rise in the sport however, Galahad has been his worst enemy, testing positive for the banned substance Stanozolol back in 2015, and serving out a 1½ year suspension. Following the protocol and performing with a clean slate on his way back, he has put together some quality work to cast himself into position for this shot at the time time, so he better be ready, because Warrington has a way of testing & revealing your character, or lack-there-of.


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