Gennadiy Golovkin “Rolls” the Competition, Looks to Link the Pieces Together for a Megamatch

In front of a packed crowd at 🏟️Madison Square Garden, longtime P4P staple 🥈🇰🇿Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin (39-1-1, 35KO) showed some interesting new wrinkles, and though Steve Rolls (19-1-0, 10KO) gave a good account of himself, Golovkin took the Canadian out with a big left hook in the 4th round that sent Rolls down to the canvas face first to end his night…


Early on, what we noticed immediately was that Golovkin was using more head movement than he has shown throughout his career. His handspeed seemed to slightly improve also from his last few outings. As for Steve Rolls, he showed some pretty savvy counterpunching skills in his short stint that should impress those who aren’t familiar with his name or his work. His movement gave Golovkin a little bit of difficulty, and he hit Golovkin with a couple sharp crosses that would probably hurt other Middleweights, but Golovkin took it, and continued to patiently come forward. The 4th round is where everything fell apart for Rolls who was hurt with one of Golovkin’s overhand left hooks (a rare punch only thrown by very few) to the forehead, and Golovkin stepped up the output while Rolls had his back by the ropes, then Golovkin snuck in the menacing left hook that secured the knockout victory.

HURT 3333

THE JONATHAN BANKS FACTOR🔎 I see the interesting dynamic between Golovkin & Banks in Banks returning Golovkin’s balance and punching technique, while incorporating more head movement and utilization of angles. There also seemed to be more emphasis on Golovkin throwing left hooks to the body, which has declined in volume in his last few fights, though his left hook downstairs is one of the deadliest throughout the entire decade, so Banks wanted to restore some of Golovkin’s best individual skills that has waned in usage over the years, and incorporate more agile movement which should help preserve the 37 year old’s body for these next few years to get the max out of his new DAZN deal.


With this win now established in the books, Golovkin can now divert his full attention towards a possible 3rd fight with the holder of the Middleweight Crown 🇲🇽Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (52-1-2, 35KO) for a fit of revenge. Not only would it give both fighters an opportunity to clear the airwaves of indefinitely proving who the better fighter is, but of course for each, there is no better revenue fight out there for them to have, and there is also no better suited fight for both in terms of critical acclaim in the boxing pantheon, so it would only make sense for them to entertain the thought, have some contracts drafted up, and putting the ink to the paper, but we will now have to see what course of action each men take within their individual conquests, whether their paths will cross again or not. Canelo’s alternate option is to secure a fight with the winner of Demetrius Andrade & Maciej Sulecki which would be for Undisputed Middleweight World Champion, so whichever way Canelo is leaning to, he will embark upon a legacy fight. Of course fighting ♛🇬🇧Callum Smith at Super-Middleweight could be an option for both fighters to target, but that’s a tall task, in both a literal and figurative sense. Time will tell what will end up taking place in the fall.

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