A Constant Reminder to the Boxing Community (the Triumphs & Tragedies Associated with Boxing)

By Tré Berry III🖋️

If you ask random people the question “what makes boxing great?” you will get a wide range of interesting, and incredible answers; Some answers will delve straight to the point, and others will make you think and view it all from a different perspective. For me, boxing’s greatness is rooted in the competitive spirit, and it is intertwined with what I call coordinated violence where the spirit, the heart and the brain works cohesively on full display as boxers not only set out to win their fights, but to give the best representation of themselves while they are actively at work inside the ropes…

Unfortunately sometimes the virtues that we admire most about the sport, can be the same virtues that can potentially become a hindrance. For example in this case, the violent, spirit driven aspect of the sport can bring forth tragedy in the ring in the form of physical and brain injuries that can drastically effect the quality of life for the boxers, bringing agony to their family, to their loved ones, and to their fans.

This week reasserted why boxers should be revered for taking up a profession that’s filled with dangerous prospects, where a single punch can change a fighters fortune in a single snapshot. During the week, we finally got a public sighting of former Light-Heavyweight Champion 🇨🇦Adonis Stevenson after his unfortunate brain injury suffered in his fight against Oleksandr Gvozdyk back in December of 2018. Considering the grave condition he was in at one point where we weren’t sure if he was going to pull through the challenging circumstances and survive, it is remarkable to see the level he is functioning at these days. He has a visible scar on the top of his head that resulted from the emergency surgery that he had to go under to save his life, but he has endured through it, and while still in ongoing recovery mode, he appears to be in very good spirits with his family and continues to fight, a real “Superman” indeed.
As that has become the central theme of the week, we had a horrific sighting in Mexico. Super-Flyweight 🇲🇽Felipe Orucuta (if you’re not familiar, he fought a tough fight with Juan Francisco Estrada last year) ended up suffering a TKO victory on Saturday against Jonathan Javier Rodriguez, and collapsed in the ring after the fight where he actually had to be revived by Physicians sitting ringside. The word that’s out now is that he is comatose, and is listed in critical condition.

In another occurrence, former long-standing World Champion 🇺🇸Zab Judah lost his bout against Cletus Seldin via TKO stoppage on Friday. Initially after the fight in the ring, nothing was felt as he argued with the Referee about the stoppage. Apparently as he was leaving, Zab indicated that he hadn’t been feeling right, so he checked into the emergency room for precautionary purposes to make sure everything was alright. Apparently that may have been the best decision he has ever made, as it was discovered that there was some bleeding on the brain and a little swelling. We hear that the swelling has gone down, and that Judah is in positive spirits, engaging in daily activities, so while it isn’t nearly as bad as it potentially could have been, it is still a very serious situation, and added reason to give fighters their proper respect, reminding us that it’s a gladiator sport, and that sometimes, the worst scenarios can come of it.

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