The 3rd Leg of History-Your New Undisputed (But Disputable) Women’s Lightweight World Champion ♛

Witnessed on the undercard of Anthony Joshua/Andy Ruiz Jr, Ireland’s ♛🥇🇮🇪Irish” Katie Taylor (14-0-0, 6KO) becomes the UNDISPUTED RING-MAGAZINE/WBA/WBC/WBO/IBF Lightweight Champion of the World, defeating long-running World Champion 🇧🇪Delfine Persoon (43-2-0, 18KO) by the skin of her teeth. The claim of Undefeated is by letter-of-the-law in acquiring all the Title-Belts, but the better characterization here is that the new Undisputed Champion’s claim can be “Disputed”, being that it was a very close fight, and nothing of a definitive stamp to separate the two fighters…

Persoon is awkward as hell, and knows how to use it to her advantage, using her size and arcing punching style to try to overwhelm Katie. Katie early on was very game, landing snap jabs, and some good 1-2 combinations, but the Belgium fighter Persoon kept coming on, punching through the onslaught despite her face busting up. Person was very determined, and started to close the gap in the second half of the fight, inflicting her own damage on Irish Katie. Katie fought bravely down the stretch, with Persoon doing the same, even getting the upper hand in the final round over Katie, but with there being about 3 difficult to score swing type rounds, there was no telling which way the judges scores could’ve went, with the claim of Persoon being a winner as a credible call, a draw verdict as respectable, and a Katie Taylor narrow victory as plausible. As the judges scorecards were announced, there was no announcement initially on whether it was a draw verdict, or not, but with the first card being announced as a draw, you knew that some type of decision was reached.


A BIGGER SCOPE🔎 As stated earlier, Katie Taylor is the Undisputed Disputed Champion, but let’s take a more in-depth look into what took place. For Katie, being the shorter fighter, with the shorter reach, boxing on the outside actually put her at a detriment, because it was difficult to arch her straight shots over Delfine’s, and with Persoon coming forward, she was able to use her height and reach advantage to get her shots to the target first. Katie would’ve been better served to fight the larger woman mid distance and coming forward, initiating the attack instead of staying back in counterpunch mode. I suppose when you have a fighter as awkward as Delfine, it opens up the possibility of coming in with a wrong gameplan due to not having a good scope on how to handle a unique fighter, and this happened here for this contest. For Persoon, she did a good job of smothering Katie’s jab, and throwing her awkward shots up the middle, and never getting into a repetitive mode where her timing could be figured out on a sustainable level. One thing Persoon didn’t pick up on was that Katie was open for uppercuts inside as her head attack put Katie in some awkward stances. All in all, while it was a sloppy fight, it was a very competitive one which you gotta appreciate at the end of the day. They both went after it, with debatable scoring that could been credibly argued for both sides. For all of our sake, I hope we can get an immediate re-match, so that the “disputable” quality can be erased, so that Persoon can get another shot so that she can get the clam that she felt she deserved to get in the first fight, and for Taylor to get another opportunity to stake her own claim without any air of controversy.
🤜 Delfine Persoon = 116/586, 19.8% Landed.
🤜 Katie Taylor = 103/410, 25.1% Landed.

✎ Don Trella = 95-95 For a DRAW
✎ Allen Nace = 96-94 For KATIE TAYLOR
✎ John Poturaj = 96-94 For KATIE TAYLOR
✎ Tré Berry = 96-94 For KATIE TAYLOR
✎ Jon Uddin = 95-95 For a DRAW

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