Enter the History Books Andy Ruiz Jr, Your New Unified Heavyweight World Champion!

Wow, what a night, the man who took the major opportunity on short notice has made an indelible mark on the Heavyweight division, completely shifting the landscape, as well as the long-term plans of its major players.  🇺🇸Mexican-American Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-1-0, 22KO) endured the punishment administered by 🥇🇬🇧Anthony Joshua (22-1-0, 21KO) that seen him put down in the 3rd round with a Joshua uppercut, to where he got up, pressed the action, traded with the British Heavyweight, and clipped AJ with a nasty 1-2-3 combination that wobbled Joshua’s legs badly, with Ruiz eventually sending him to the canvas in that same round…

A patient Ruiz unleashed on Joshua with quick combinations in the corner at the end of the round, putting Joshua down again, bouncing off the bottom rope.


Anthony got up, but fortunate for him at the time, he was saved by the bell. As the fight progressed, Ruiz decided not to over-press the action, and stayed behind a methodical gameplan, understanding that Joshua had a problem seeing his counterpunches, and in dealing with his handspeed.


Joshua took his time getting back into the fight and trying to re-establish (or establish since he didn’t’ find much pockets of success doing so) his left jab, so Ruiz decided to work underneath his jab and touch him to the body every now and then. By the time the 7th round rolled around, Andy ripped off a quick overhand right hand that caught Joshua on the temple, hurting the then-Champion, knocking him down once again. Joshua beat up the count, but he looked dazed, confused, lethargic and weak in the legs. Ruiz came forward and hit Joshua with an inside combination, putting Joshua to the canvas for the 4th time in the fight. While Joshua got up, his mouthpiece was knocked out, and he gave Referee Michael Griffin legitimate reason to call a halt to the bout, with Joshua turning his back to the Ref to walk over to, and prop himself up on a ring post, bracing himself up with his elbows on the top rope, looking like a fighter who had the spirit beaten out of him, and not answering the Ref’s probing questions with confidence….and just like that, we have a new WBA/WBO/IBF Heavyweight Champion of the World, and his name is Andy Ruiz Jr. With this accomplishment, Ruiz also became the first 🇲🇽Mexican-blooded fighter to ever win any portion of the Heavyweight crown, pulling off a massive upset where bookies had him as a 2️⃣0️⃣ to 1️⃣ Underdog coming into the night.
THE COLD HARD FACTS – This will ultimately serve as a lesson to be learned to those who put too much stock in the aesthetics of a fighter, who refused to give Ruiz his just-due as a boxer, and laughed at his prospects coming into Saturday night. Ruiz has quick hands, can punch, and has good stamina despite his round build, and he just put himself in the history books, which should shift the narrative of conventional thinking, forcing people to review their rationale on certain matters. For Ruiz, not only is it not a weakness when your sloppy physique doesn’t hinder your stamina or speed, it actually becomes a plus, because you have more with you to help you absorb shots, without it compromising you at all. As for Joshua…hey it’s Heavyweight boxing, anything can happen when you allow yourself to get hit by another power puncher, and he got hit too often with left hooks and right hands to the temple, which had him completely disoriented and wobbly from the 3rd round on. There were questions about AJ’s chin coming into the fight, due to him being shaken on many occasions, and those suspicions were warranted, as it can now be fully classified as a weakness of his, being a little chinny. We shouldn’t put too much stock into just one loss, so we will see how he bounces back from his defeat, and what kind of adjustments he can make in tightening up his shortcomings to improve both his defense and ring IQ. There is a re-match clause for Joshua to fight Ruiz once again, so Anthony and his team may look at exercising it for an immediate re-match to try and re-gain the 3 Heavyweight World Titles that has just exchanged hands, if Ruiz wants to go that route-the ball is in his court now. As for Andy, he ultimately hit the lottery twice, once just for securing the fight, and secondly for pulling off the biggest upset of 2019 thus far, and one of the biggest upsets in Heavyweight Boxing History.


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