Anthony Joshua Gets a Credible Replacement Opponent, and the Show Must Go On

Global boxing superstar & reigning WBA/WBO/IBF Heavyweight World Champion Anthony ‘AJ’ Joshua (22-0-0, 21KO) will finally make his long-waited United States debut, choosing perhaps the most famous venue in doing so, that being Madison Square Garden in New York. Amid all the confusion and frustration of events that manifested, he had a quality fighter step in as a replacement for this June 1st title-fight, that being Mexican World contender Andy ‘Destroyer’ Ruiz Jr. (32-1-0, 21KO).

As already known, Anthony Joshua’s assignment was suppose to come against Jarrell ‘Juice’ Miller, however with the red-handed proof & revelation of Miller’s dirty deeds involving multiple performance enhancers, he was immediately shelved to the side, and Joshua seemingly had a line waiting outside of his door for this World Title shot. A few fighters called out due to the notion that they would have to have a shortened training camp, and a couple fighters unfortunately out-priced themselves for a shot at the Title, which was disappointing, regardless on if it was their fault, their Managers, or both. When putting things into perspective, Ruiz was the perfect replacement for this opportunity for a litany of reasons. For one, Ruiz had just fought and defeated Alex Dimitrenko when he had just learned of the open opportunity to take this bout, and for a large man such as Ruiz, him campaigning for the position right after a fight where he sustained minimal damage meant that he would keep IN shape, so that he could be at his optimal form coming in. As for the 3-4 elite Heavyweights who should have nabbed this opportunity, even though it was frustrating initially that they didn’t take the fight, it may have been a blessing in disguise. it would work out best if each of those guys get the opportunity with a full training camp, so that all concessions and excuses are out the window when it’s time for them to get their fights. With that in mind, Ruiz was probably the best replacement option not of true elite status, so that the show could continue on while he can offer up a respectable amount of resistance for the Champion from Great Britain.

THE COLD HARD FACTS – There has been a few people clamoring about the replacement selection, not believing in Ruiz status as a performer at the Championship level, however his performance against Australia’s Joseph Parker stated otherwise, where many pundits believed that Ruiz Jr. should have made history as the first Mexican Heavyweight Titleholder after his performance against Parker, believing he had won the decision, and Parker in this current climate has shown to be at a particular level of respectability. One could also argue that Andy Ruiz and Jarrell Miller, albeit far contrasting styles between the two, aren’t that far separated with their abilities, which should cast some validity for this match-up that is to take place this Saturday. For Ruiz, this will of course be the 2nd opportunity at a World Championship, and for Joshua, he is looking to make a successful 7th defense as a Heavyweight Champion. As is accustomed to all Anthony Joshua fights, this bout will be broadcast on the DAZN platform. Tune in, as this is a loaded card with standout fights on the undercard that we should all look forward to, and will bring light to on separate posts.

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