Carlos Canizales Makes a Statement at Light-Flyweight, Outboxes Sho Kimura

We just had a big fight wrap up moments ago, between Venezuelan WBA ‘Regular’ Light-Flyweight World Champion Carlos ‘CCC’ Canizales (22-0-1, 17KO), and Japanese warrior Sho Kimura (18-3-2, 11KO) who moved down a division from Flyweight to take on this mega-assignment. 

Fighting in front of a crowd at a venue in China, Canizales proved to be too slick for the proud Japanese fighter, putting enough money in the bank to outpoint him to a wide UNANIMOUS DECISION victory in his favor.  Canizales (26) has always been one of those sharp type of fighters who uses impeccable footwork, subtle nuanced craft and defense to pull his opponent in, to catch him off-balanced and make him pay with counterpunches to take advantage of his opponent, while they increasingly lunge in due to frustration of not hitting their target. That is exactly what ‘CCC’ did to his opponent Kimura today/tonight.

Kimura for whatever reason didn’t fight up to his normal standard of capabilities, and fought incredibly sloppy, with him winging his power shots out wide routinely, something he doesn’t normally do as he’s known to keep his combinations short and compact. Against Canizales, that spelled for a recipe of disaster, and Canizales proved to be the better man in this match, retaining his secondary WBA Title belt for the 2nd time in succession. Proving again to be Venezuela’s best active fighter at this time, Canizales has once again showed why he is an elite-Flyweight, and is without a doubt one of the 4 best in this firecracker of a division. The great thing about this weight-class is that all of the major talent is looking to fight each other, and in fact, they are, while they are virtually all in their primes. As for Kimura, I’m not sure if he will continue to campaign at this weight, or move back up to Flyweight, but he appears to be on a gradual decline with his speed and technique at the age of 30. We here at Project Combat look forward to seeing these 2 warriors climb back in the ring against differing opposition.

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