Fight of the Year Candidate, and the Titles Exchange Hands

What a high action fight we just got tonight on FOX-PBC to close the show out.  Julian ‘J Rock’ Williams (27-1-1, 16KO) breaks his ceiling with an outstanding performance to dethrone ‘Swft’ Jarrett Hurd (23-1-0, 16KO) to become the new Unified WBA/IBF Super-Welterweight Champion of the World.

This fight could’ve been fought inside of an elevator the way this one went, with Julian Williams making a conscious effort to take the fight to the Champion, place his head on the chest, and rip in some body shots, and firing some serious uppercuts upstairs. Hurd as usual started slow, so Williams made sure he started fast to get a jump start on the Champion, and he put Hurd to the canvas in the 2nd round for what was the first time in his career with a well placed shot to the temple.


Hurd got up and continued to work, but what was clear was that Williams was much sharper of the two, with serious steam on his power shots, taking advantage of Hurd’s poor defense. Mid fight, Hurd began to make a fight of it by pressing forward. Williams decided to match fire-with-fire and started to push Hurd back, outpointing Hurd down the stretch of the fight.


With Williams living inside the entire fight, it tied Hurd up a little bit with his long reach not being able to rip in the shots that he wanted to land inside with his uppercuts upstairs, and hooks to the body, but Williams was too sharp, and closed the fight in style. With the revelation of Williams monumental achievement, he cried tears of joy, and was thankful for his opportunity, while the now-former Champion Hurd was gracious in defeat, showing Williams the proper respect.


This was as sharp a performance that J Rock has had in his career, and now his range of opportunities has just busted wide open. There is also a Re-Match Clause in the contract here in case if he wants to run it back with Hurd, but that is something he will of course address down the line as he enjoys his accomplishment. Here is how this was scored.

🤜 Julian Williams = 273/687, 39.7% Landed.
🤜 Jarrett Hurd = 249/800, 31.1% Landed.

✎ Alfredo Polanco = 116-111 For JULIAN WILLIAMS
✎ Steve Weisfeld = 115-112 For JULIAN WILLIAMS
✎ Robin Taylor = 115-112 For JULIAN WILLIAMS

✎ Tré Berry = 116-111 For JULIAN WILLIAMS
✎ Jon Uddin = 118-109 For JULIAN WILLIAMS


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