Canelo Alvarez Secures the Competitive Decision over Daniel Jacobs

Tonight we had a highly technical fight, void of much action, but a well fought one, and by way of a UD victory, LINEAL, WBA, WBC, IBF Middleweight World Champion ♛🇲🇽Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez (52-1-2, 35KO) picked up his 3rd Title Belt in the Middleweight division, further unifying, and putting himself one step closer to becoming an Undisputed Champion.

The fight was very much what I expected coming into the bout. Universally ranked #3 Middleweight 🇺🇸Daniel ‘Miracle Man’ Jacobs (35-3-0, 29KO) fought well and didn’t disappoint himself in his performance, however it was clear early on that Canelo was a little bit sharper, and a half-step superior to the Brooklyn-born fighter.

The fight was essentially won in the first half of the match, with Canelo getting up and out to an early lead, landing some nice counters to the body, and using his outstanding upper body movement to steer clear, underneath and away from Daniel’s jab, somewhat confusing Jacobs as to what to do, so Jacobs decided to try his hand exclusively at southpaw. To my surprise, Jacobs wasn’t finding much success, if any at all from the southpaw stance, with Canelo’s right hand getting to the mark a little quicker than Jacobs left, and with Jacobs not being able to put the power behind the right jab, not enforcing it enough to keep Canelo out of his comfortable range.


The second half of the fight was much kinder to Jacobs, evening up the exchanges, perhaps feeling a sense of urgency in understanding that he was presumably slipping behind the action on the scorecards, and certainly in his mind. Jacobs actually started to find more pockets of success when he pressed the action, and got up close, mixing up his punches upstairs and downstairs. Canelo even in those exchanges was holding his own, but Jacobs started to inch back in the fight, but with such a deficit to climb out of, it wasn’t enough to get over the hump in the scoring, and he wasn’t able to damage Canelo enough to put him down, or to put him away.
After the fight, Canelo once again made it clear that his goal is to become the first Undisputed Middleweight Champion since Jermain Taylor achieved it dating back about a decade-and-a-half, and that would entail Alvarez securing a fight with WBO World Titleholder Demetrius ‘Boo-Boo’ Andrade for all the marbles. Canelo was also asked about a possible 3rd match with Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin, and Alvarez stated that there was nothing to prove, however he also indicated if the people want the fight, then they will get the fight. Of course the big question to that one is when would we get it?

Taking it one step at a time, a sharp, very solid, consistent performance from Canelo Alvarez in securing a victory over a top-notch game opponent in Daniel Jacobs. Jacobs was accepting of the decision and in good spirits, stating that he will take the time at home to review the fight over to see whether or not he feels the Judging was in accordance with what he personally believed took place tonight. He still remains a viable opponent for anyone in the Middleweight division. For Saul, it will be interesting to see which direction he goes in for his next fight in September.


🤜 Canelo Alvarez = 188/466, 40% Landed.
🤜 Daniel Jacobs = 131/649, 20% Landed.

✎ Dave Moretti = 115-113 For CANELO ALVAREZ
✎ Steve Weisfeld = 115-113 For CANELO ALVAREZ
✎ Glenn Feldman = 116-112 For CANELO ALVAREZ

✎ Tré Berry = 115-113 For CANELO ALVAREZ
✎ Jon Uddin = 116-112 For CANELO ALVAREZ

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