Jon Uddin Prediction: Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs

By Jon Uddin🖊️ | 05/03/2019

After hearing how we won’t get this matchup or that matchup for the past few weeks, it’s a relief to head into this weekend with a great middleweight unification fight with 2 of the top 3 guys in the division.

👑🇲🇽Canelo Alvarez brings his famous “Mexican style” into the ring along with his WBC and WBA Middleweight world titles, while 🇺🇸Daniel Jacobs steps in with his IBF title and recently proclaimed “African style” to do battle.

While each guy has their style, one thing that is equal between the two is that both of these dudes can fight, and will fight, no matter the style that’s presented against them. The outcome of this one will be determined by who can win rounds by imposing their will over the course of the fight.

Stylistically, Jacobs is the naturally bigger guy and has the decisive reach advantage, which he will look to use to keep Canelo at bay, fighting at a distance that allows him to work his jab and prevent Canelo from working inside and firing off his counter shots.

Ideally, Jacobs will use all the estate given to him, using his hand speed to deliver 1-2 shots while circling and turning Canelo in the center of the ring. It’s obvious Jacobs won’t want to stand and trade, but he also doesn’t want to recklessly bring pressure, thinking he can impose his will on Canelo, because that will eventually play right into Canelo’s hands as the dominant counter puncher. Jacobs doesn’t want to to let Canelo put him into retreat mode by walking him down either, as he will lose every round on the cards that way.

I think early on Canelo will find himself a couple of rounds down due to Jacob’s gameplan. Around the 4th or 5th rounds he will begin to close the distance and begin touching Jacobs more and more, landing his patented body shots to slow his movement down.

Once we are in the late rounds, I think Jacob’s best laid plans are overtaken by the Canelo body work and he gives way to fighting the way Canelo wants it, creating more firefights than are recommended for the Miracle Man.

Although Jacobs will always stand toe to toe and go blow for blow, Canelo is king once the fight is in his wheelhouse and he is countering and delivering his combos. We will be in for a treat in the Championship rounds, but in the end my prediction is….

Canelo Alvarez by decision 116-112

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