And Your New…Lineal Super-Flyweight Champion of the World, Juan Francisco Estrada

Yes, there you have it folks. New LINEAL/WBC Super-Flyweight World Champion ♛🇲🇽Juan Francisco Estrada (39-3-0, 26KO) put forth a master-class performance and dominated the dangerous 🇹🇭Srisaket Sor Rungvisai’s (47-5-1, 41KO) in particular the first 2/3rd’s of the fight, winning the fight by UNANIMOUS DECISION victory and becoming thee man in the Super-Flyweight division.

This was without a doubt the sharpest outing of Estrada’s storied career, and was razor sharp from the start of the fight, which surprised Rungvisai out the gate. For whatever reason, Rungvisai tonight looked like his feet was stuck in molasses and appeared very slow, while ‘El’ Gallo’ successfully picked up from where he left off in the 12th round of their first fight.

Estrada fought more in the pocket, slide stepping in Rung’s range and constantly making him reset his feet, while counter-punching relentlessly over any shot that Srisaket was authoring up, making him keep the guns in the holsters. Estrada also made sure to get out of range after he did his damage, resulting in a very sophisticated attack that had the Thai fighter befuddled.

You could tell late in the fight that Estrada had in the back of his mind that he had gotten the short end of the stick on scorecards in close fights against the best of the best, including the first match with Rungvisai, so he took it upon himself to sit more on his punches and trade with the knockout artist to try and make a definitive statement in the minds of many.  Rungvisai did come on late, which was interesting, being that seemingly being a different fighter with a sense of urgency, something that was lacking early, but too little, too late as he was trying to surmount the deficit.

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SOME ANALYSIS – As stated earlier, this was not just the pinnacle of Estrada’s career in terms of picking up his career win, but this was the fight where all the talent he possessed was finally put all together, and he got his major victory in style. As for Rungvisai, I’m not quite sure what it was, but he didn’t look right, to what we’ve gotten accustomed to over the last 3 years. He did come into the ring a little dry, but he looked very sluggish, and his balance was all over the place. Naturally off of a performance like that, I wonder if Rungvisai at the the age of 32 is starting to decline. It is more prevalent with smaller boxers around the age of 30 with a lot of mileage to start feeling the effects of the wear and tear.

Now as for Estrada, he sits atop the division with plenty great challengers to fight for his Lineal crown, fighters such as Jerwin Ancajas, Donnie Nietes, Kazuto Ioka and others. With that being said, the Super-Flyweight division is the gift that keeps on giving, and we got out of Estrada one of the best performances that we’ve seen in a while in the division.

🤜 Juan Francisco Estrada = 289/1,019, 28% Landed.
🤜 Srisaket Sor Rungvisai  = 230/971, 24% Landed.


✎ Alejandro Rochin = 116-112 For JUAN FRANCISCO ESTRADA
✎ Craig Metcalfe = 115-113 For JUAN FRANCISCO ESTRADA
✎ Gerald Ritter = 115-113 For JUAN FRANCISCO ESTRADA

✎ Tre Berry = 116-112 For JUAN FRANCISCO ESTRADA
✎ Jon Uddin = 117-111 For JUAN FRANCISCO ESTRADA

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