A Memorable War Broke Out in the Co-Headliner Bout Between Daniel Roman & TJ Doheny

One of the great fights of the year, and certainly one of the better fights in recent memory at the Super-Bantamweight division, Daniel Roman (27-2-1, 10KO) and T.J. Doheny (21-1-0, 15KO) both showed true Championship medal and fought a war throughout 12 rounds, fighting to the final bell, where Roman was awarded a MAJORITY DECISION victory. With this win, Roman is now the Unified WBA & IBF Super-Bantamweight World Champion.

While Roman’s stock rises in the boxing pantheon, T.J. Doheny deserves a hell of a lot of respect, showing true grit and determination, never giving in and giving as well as he could in the midst of taking a beating.

Early on, Roman took control of the fight, and put Doheny down in the second round. Doheny got his composure, but it felt like Roman had a beat on T.J’s timing. Doheny from about round 4 on started to get his left cross to land home, and slowly got himself back in the fight. Doheny scored a monster right cross in the 7th round that wobbled Roman, and Doheny capitalized big time, emptying his clip and throwing everything he could at Roman, punishing him to the full extent for the rest of the round, but Roman survived it.

Roman re-grouped and got back to the basics, and started to punish Doheny, closing his right eye, possibly breaking his nose, and landing numerous shots to the ribs and torso. Doheny did what he could to endure the punishment administered, showing real grit and toughness, but Roman was too sharp down the stretch. He put Doheny down in the 11th round with a body shot, and finished the night leaving no doubt as to who the superior fighter was.


🤜 Daniel Roman = 195/742, 26% Landed.
🤜 TJ Doheny        = 150/503, 30% Landed.


✎ Max De Luca = 116 – 110 For DANIEL ROMAN
✎ Zachary Young = 116 – 110 For DANIEL ROMAN
✎ Edward Hernandez Sr. = 113 – 113 For a DRAW

✎ Tre Berry = 116 – 111 For DANIEL ROMAN
✎ Jon Uddin = 115 – 111 For DANIEL ROMAN

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