Post Fight Thoughts: Amir Khan

By Jon Uddin

It’s no surprise to me or most anyone else in the boxing world that Amir Khan suffered the fifth loss of his career to Terence Crawford Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. Before the fight the only suspense attached to the matchup was the number of rounds it would take Crawford to end it ( I called 5th round KO, Tre Berry called 6).

So, in the end, the most significant event wasn’t the outcome, but the way it unfolded. And that could be the biggest burden to bear for Khan for the rest of his career, should he continue to enter the ring.

The decision to not continue, without even taking the 5 minutes granted to him from referee David Fields is what has raised red flags with fans. After taking on Canelo Alvarez to prove his desire to be great, even at the expense of suffering a devastating knockout, one would think Khan would dig into the last ounce of the courage he shows when taking these fights to continue on.

But something different had played out in the ring this time. Khan’s speed wasnt getting it done early on this time. He was frustrated with no answers. Crawford came out clicking on all cylinders quickly and was delivering a beat down that Khan hadn’t experienced and he wanted no more of it.

Perception is huge in the sport of boxing. Before this fight Amir was seen as a fighter that would start fast only to have his chin fail him at some point late in the fight, but, he would come to fight. In one night that narrative may have changed for the worse as many think he chose to bail out when things weren’t going his way. That’s going to be tougher for him to shake than doubts about his ability to take his opponents best shot.

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