Mikey Garcia Vacates His WBC Lightweight World Title

By Tre Berry

This isn’t really a surprising revelation to most fans & pundits who believed that Mikey Garcia (39-1-0, 30KO) would take this course of action, however we were still in anticipation of what his official announcement would be concerning his status in the division.

This seems to foreshadow that Garcia will go back down to Junior-Welterweight after his brief unsuccessful stint at Welterweight, and find suitable work in the division, ultimately vacating the Lightweight division. The Giant-Elephant in the room is that this means we won’t get the Super-Fight between he and Unified Lightweight Champion Vasiliy ‘Hi-Tech’ Lomachenko (13-1-0, 10KO), which is VERY disappointing. Considering that Lomachenko isn’t the biggest Lightweight due to his body-frame, the only way that we could’ve had them face off at their optimal peaks were if it were to take place at 135 lbs.

WHAT THIS ALL MEANS – With Garcia giving up the title, England Gold-Medalist Luke Campbell (20-2-0, 16KO) gets pushed to the front of the line for a World Title shot, being that he is the #1 contender in the WBC rankings. Typically for a vacant title, you would have the #1 and #2 contenders meeting up in the ring to nab the belt, but what we have learned is that something will be worked out with them skipping a step in the process, having Lomachenko & Campbell presumably meet up, throwing in the vacant WBC title into the equation alongside Loma’s WBA & WBO titles. With this, 3 of the 4 World Titles would be awarded to the winner of that potential match-up, granted if that would be the next contract on the horizon come September.

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