A Mega-Match Looms in the Bantamweight Division as the Tourney Continues

By Tre Berry

It took a while for the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) to hash out their problems, but they tied up enough loose ends to get the current tournaments back underway.

As for this one, #3 Seed & WBO Bantamweight World Champion Zolani ‘Last Born’ Tete (28-3-0, 21KO) will face off in a Semi-Final & Unification World Title match against the Legendary 9X Champion/current WBA Bantamweight World Champion Nonito ‘Filipino Flash’ Donaire (39-5-0, 25KO), who happens to be this tournaments #8 Seed, as well as the potential wildcard of the mix.


The pride of Eastern Cape, South Africa, Tete is a dangerous lanky fighter who is universally recognized as one of the three best Bantamweights in the world, in a division that hosts some pretty elite company at the top. Here he has an opportunity to face one of the greatest fighters of this passing decade with an opportunity to cast himself into the tournaments Championship match.

Nonito Donaire is a true legend to this sport, and has achieved virtually all that you can in this sport. The Future HOF’er experienced, yet endured some serious setbacks a few years back due to constantly pushing the envelope of what he could handle and continuously looking at the biggest fights in divisions that did not suit his body type or his skill-set. After coming to a realization that he had to move back down to his best weight, he did it successfully, and restoring some of the virtues that made him so dangerous as a Bantamweight.

While his 1st fight in the tournament resulted in a disappointing ending due to #1 Seeded Ryan Burnett throwing his back out during a punch, Donaire throughout the fight matched him step-by-step and looked rejuvenated, with his speed returning, reflexes sharp, and his once vaunted power mattering once again. Donaire looks to further extend his unlikely resurgence, and adding to his history another monumental win to see if he can get himself to the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) Championship round.

Catch this Semi-Final Unification World Championship match on Saturday, April 27th on DAZN, to see who will be headed to the Grand-Stage of the Bantamweight tournament.

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