The Speedster Meets the Elite, Crawford vs. Khan

By Tré Berry🖊️

The incomparable 🇺🇸Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford (34-0-0, 25KO) will step up to the plate on a Pay-Per-View platform in attempts to defend his WBO Welterweight World Title against the always game Silver-Medalist & former Champion 🇬🇧Amir ‘King’ Khan (33-4-0, 20KO).

Crawford, being a sensational fighter, is a true Swiss-Army-Knife that could do it all, and does so with a serious chip on his shoulder. He has nabbed 6 World Title Belts, and was a 2X Lineal Champion, who currently is looked at by some as P4P the best fighter in the world, most viewing Terence as a top-2 P4P talent, and is universally recognized as top-3 P4P by ALL credible boxing publications.

What a perfect opportunity for Khan to go after in trying to rise to the occasion and change the narrative of his career.

THE COLD HARD TRUTH – The manner in which Khan carries himself at times, and the type of attention he garners, you would think that he was still in the hierarchy of the divisions he occupies, however he hasn’t held a legitimate World Title Belt since 2011.

Now on the flip side, the ‘Cold Hard Truth’ also encompasses positive truths, and what supersedes that last point is that Khan has always been about trying to fight the best fighters that the sport can offer, even with him coming up short in most of those opportunities. That should warrant some real respect as he doesn’t look to take the easy route.

As for Crawford, he looks to keep the train rolling on the tracks. Everyone knows the type of fights that Terence wants, and against whom…but with promotional gridlock slowing up the flow of the Welterweight division, he can’t ink those fights at this current moment, so he’s been looking to take on the best contenders in his WBO ranking system, and Khan happens to be ranked #2, giving Crawford the option to fight a credible name opponent while also giving the veteran Khan a crack at it once again on a massive stage.

This fight will headline an ESPN PPV card at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City, and will be fought on April 20th. Tune in to see two of the quickest boxers we have today, and to see if a statement can be made in the Welterweight division.

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