By Tre Berry

Young WBO Super-Welterweight Champion Jaime Munguia (33-0-0, 26KO) survived a scare in Mexico last night from a motivated and hungry #1 challenger in Dennis ‘Hurricane’ Hogan (28-2-1, 7KO), and was awarded a dubious Majority Decision verdict over Hogan, keeping his world title belt to many’s dismay.

Most ringside observers and viewers at home believed that Hogan put in the work, and was very impressive down the stretch where he should have gotten the nod to become the new WBO Champion; Some even taking it as far as to call it a robbery via hometown decision while the beneficiary of promotional influence.

Hogan looked very good tonight with his footwork, and kept the younger unseasoned fighter off-balanced, something that Munguia wasn’t equipped to handle.

The first half of the fight was very even’ish, but the second half of the fight you really felt some separation occurring with Hogan effectively pressing the action and actually hurting the Champion multiple times.

You could see a serious sense of urgency coming from Munguia from the 9th round on, understanding that his homecoming may blow up in his face, and Hogan stayed consistent throughout. After hearing the fights verdict, Jaime was relieved to have gotten the decision, thinking that it may have been possibly ruled a draw in his own words. Naturally Hogan was gutted with the decision thinking that he did what it took to pull it off, and wants a re-match elsewhere to get what he felt was rightfully his with the type of performance he put forth last night.

SOME PERSPECTIVE – Jaime Munguia, since his upset victory over former Champion Sadam Ali had skipped a couple steps in his development and put himself in a situation where his skills haven’t caught up to the power yet, so as a young fighter, despite having a title belt to his chest, he’s learning on the job, and is very much a work in progress.

The problems that arose in this fight in my view is that Hogan was exploiting some of the same mistakes that Munguia has continuously been making, leaving me to wonder if his weaknesses are being addressed in training, and how receptive he is to critique.

If Hogan had any real punching power with the type of shots he was landing, he could’ve possibly taken Jaime out of there, so for Munguia and his camp, it’s time to get back to the drawing board, review the tape and try to make some adjustments to accelerate Jaime’s maturation to help him make a stand as not just a title-holder, but as a strong standing World Champion. Here are the punchstats, and scores to this fight.


Dennis Hogan = 123/493, 25% Landed.
Jaime Munguia = 122/671, 18% Landed.
Richard Levine = 114 – 114 For a DRAW
Rocky Young = 115 – 113 For JAIME MUNGUIA
Waleska Roldan = 116 – 112 For JAIME MUNGUIA
Tré Berry III = 116 – 112 For DENNIS HOGAN
Jon Uddin = 116 – 112 For DENNIS HOGAN

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