By Tre Berry

What we got Sunday night on FS1’s headliner was a very solid, cerebral old school bout fought between 2 skilled fighters who displayed their in-fighting capabilities in full.

Lamont ‘Havoc’ Peterson (35-5-1, 17KO) was in top form, pivoting, spinning, and finding opportunities to split the guard and land inside while Sergey ‘Samurai’ Lipinets (15-1-0, 11KO) was able to match the wit and combination punching of Peterson, showcasing some slick upper body movement, and mixing his shots up well to the head and body.

Early on Peterson appeared to slightly have the upper edge, but Sergey wouldn’t budge. There was a very strange sequence where the 5th round lasted only 2 1/2 minutes, so after the corners had their minute timeslot, they were made to fight off the extra 30 seconds to cap the round off before getting to the 6th round.

Peterson mid fight started to find home with the left hook to the body, which he was digging in with vigor, but to very little effect on the ironclad Kazakh blooded fighter. Lipinets started to shift momentum in the 8th round, and hurt Lamont badly at the back-end of the round with a perfectly placed right cross that caught him on the tip of the chin, securing the round.

While Sergey was gaining the upper hand, Peterson hung in there and continued to land what he could, but you could see some wear and tear with the power shots that Lipinets was beginning to land.

The 10th round was a close one for about 2:45, until Lipinets hurt Peterson real bad, and jumped on him, pummeling him, having Peterson bounce off the ropes and go down, seemingly not knowing where he was at the moment. Peterson’s esteemed trainer and father-figure Barry Hunter turned into full time father-figure in the moment, with intentions of protecting his fighter and threw the white towel in the ring as soon as Peterson hit the canvas with 1 second left to go in the round, culminating the biggest win of Sergey’s rising career.

That so far was Lipinets biggest signature moment, and an explosive one to boot. With him clearing this difficult challenge, and the way he put his man away, he put himself in a real quality position for the established elite welterweights to look to him as a highly respectable challenge to take on…..if they are willing to.

An announcement was made after the fight, with Barry Hunter thanking the D.C. fans for 25 years of support, telegraphing what was to come. Lamont told his fans that this will be the last time they see him in a boxing ring, confirming his retirement from the sport of boxing. Very much like his whole career, his performance, and modesty was highly respectable, and he did very well in his career when it came to upholding the integrity of the sport, giving as good as he could get, hats off to D.C.’s own on a very solid career.

Tré Berry III = 86 – 85 for LAMONT PETERSON Up To The Stoppage
Jon Uddin = 86 – 85 for LAMONT PETERSON Up To The Stoppage


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