“You Can’t Handle the Truth!” – Errol Spence Systematically Dissects Mikey Garcia for a Shutout Victory”

Often times when the phrase “fight the smaller man like a big man” is stated, it is usually interpreted as means to step in to maul the little fighter and get him out of there with your power and aggression, when in fact, there is also a second logic to this, where the bigger man fights tall, commands space in mid distance, and keeps the smaller man at the end of his punch to keep him at his mercy to the punishment that he is administering.

With that being stated, 🇺🇸Errol ‘The Truth’ Spence Jr. (25-0-0, 21KO) did exactly the latter for most of the fight, slowly picking away at 🇺🇸Mikey Garcia (39-1-0, 30KO) before Errol sensed enough vulnerabilities presenting itself that he decided to put his foot on the gas pedal to come forward and punish him.

The fight in large was dictated by an astounding right jab from the southpaw that bothered Mikey literally all night, being that it was thrown as a range setter, and fired in a way that Garcia couldn’t counter it with a left hook at all, falling mercy to the jab by not having the reach advantage to jab over or around his jab.

Errol’s defensive positioning was superb tonight, and didn’t give Mikey much to work with, as Spence nullified openings for Mikey to fire the lead right hand. While Spence is arguably the best body-puncher in boxing, he made a conscious effort not to incorporate it into his gameplan so that he didn’t come down to Mikey’s size, which was impressive in and of itself to recognize that one of his strengths would put him into vulnerable situations if utilized, highlighting Errol’s boxing IQ.

Mikey inside didn’t have any advantages at the onset against Spence since he is the stronger man, and a superior bodypuncher, but Mikey couldn’t even get there because Spence kept him at bay behind the stick, forcing Garcia into no-mans land where he had zero advantages, and no way to set up any type of effective attack, since his shotty footwork wouldn’t allow him to get to angles needed to get himself into the fight.

While Mikey put up a lackluster effort down the stretch, Errol put a stamp on his first exposure to a PPV audience, and shut out the proud, smaller Champion to defend his IBF Welterweight World Championship belt in his home state of Texas, USA.

THE COLD HARD TRUTH – There is a fine line between bravery and blind optimism, and it was on full display tonight. Coming into the fight, Garcia was adamant in stating that he felt that he had the advantage in most categories over Errol Spence Jr., when in fact his options were very limited for this fight with what he would be able to do, since Errol is a very well schooled middle-distance boxer in his own right, and has every tool in the toolbox that Mikey possesses.

With that being stated, one wonders what the hell did Garcia think he seen in assessing that this was a good idea to go forward with this match-up? Logic wasn’t applied and a hard lesson was learned. With a future ahead of him, he now knows to move back down, but the question is to what weight? It looks highly unlikely that he will come back down to Lightweight, which would be a major letdown because there is a Super-Fight that we was supposed to get in the first place against 👑♛🥇🥇🇺🇦Vasiliy Lomachenko, instead of this fight that just happened.

Junior-Lightweight seems to be where he is most likely to go back down to, but most of the major players in the division is currently wrapped up in the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) tournament, further complicating his immediate outlook in terms of options. As for Errol Spence, he fought a very smart fight and used all of his advantages properly, to where he should get credit for the boxing IQ that he displayed in the ring tonight, and how he used a very educated jab to confuse and outbox a fellow Champion.

In a setting where Spence outright had the upper hand, he dominated the fight perhaps even more than what was even anticipated, which is a plus on Errol’s behalf. The final punch-stats and scorecards for this fight…..
Errol Spence = 345/1,082 Punches Landed, 32% Connect Percentage
Mikey Garcia = 75/406 Punches Landed, 20% Connect Percentage
Glenn Feldman = 120 – 107 for ERROL SPENCE JR. (Shut-Out)
Alex Levin = 120 – 108 for ERROL SPENCE JR. (Shut-Out)
Nelson Vazquez = 120 – 108 for ERROL SPENCE JR. (Shut-Out)
Tré Berry = 120 – 106 for ERROL SPENCE JR. (Shut-Out)
Jon Uddin = 120 – 108 for ERROL SPENCE JR. (Shut-Out)

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