Olympic Gold-Medalist ‘Cool Hand’ Luke Campbell (20-2-0, 16KO) successfully secures an impressive win in a stay-busy fight against Mexican fighter Adrian Yung (26-6-2, 20KO).

Campbell withholds his standing as the #1 contender in the WBC rankings to the title held by Mikey Garcia at the present moment, and with Garcia’s adventure up in weight, the status of the title is unknown, whether it will be stripped, vacated, or defended at a later time.

Campbell has aspirations of becoming a World Champion, so it’s interesting what that picture will present when the time comes for Campbell to get another title shot, whether he gets a later shot with the Champion, or if he is put in for the vacant title against the next ranking highest contender in the near future.

In a strong division where the top 2 spots are concretely solidified at Lightweight with P4P boxers such as Vasiliy Lomachenko and the aforementioned Mikey Garcia, Campbell seems to fit in well as perhaps the #3 guy at this current moment, acting as a major player for more intriguing fights against high ranking Lightweights in the near future.

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