The main event was an eventful, and an entertaining one. There were a lot of different ebbs and flow to the bout, with Jono ‘Celtic Warrior’ Carroll (16-1-1, 3KO) exclusively working hard to see what he could pull out of the Champion, but Tevin ‘American Idol’ Farmer (29-4-1, 6KO) was game to rise to the challenge in adapting to every circumstance, especially down the stretch to cement the victory in the eyes of the onlookers.

Early on, Carroll made it no secret that the main focus of his strategy coming into this fight would be to operate exclusively to the body with heavy punch volume, coming forward with vigor and trying to overwhelm the Champion to keep him shelled up in a defensive posture.

The first couple of rounds he had success doing this while finding the body, which prompted Farmer to analyze what he was doing, and adapt to the circumstances. By the time the 4th round came, Farmer figured out that Carroll can’t fight moving backwards, so Tevin began to press forward, making it an emphasis to stay in Jono’s chest, to utilize his elusiveness to slip punches and counter back with hooks and short uppercuts while wrestling Carroll off his back-foot, changing the tone of the fight and pushing Carroll out of his comfort zone.

Farmer also figured out that he too could land to the body against Carroll, so he started ripping away with right hooks to the body, some coming in counterpunching variety. The 6th round was a dominant one for Farmer, dissecting the Celtic warrior, exploiting every angle to get him off balanced and making him pay for it repeatedly.

Farmer started to drift a little in rounds following, and Jono got back to dictating the pace once again, landing shots at a pretty good rate while Tevin’s back started touching the ropes more, and over-relied on his defensive movement as his go-to move. When it got to the Championship rounds, Farmer behaved like a real Champion, and made a statement down the stretch, hurting Carroll badly in the 11th round from a picture-perfect right hook that had the challenger staggered, but was ultimately saved by the bell.

In the 12th round, they fought in spurts, with both of them running a little low on energy, and they made it all the way up to the final bell. It was a weird type of fight to score, however when you tune play-by-play announcer Brian Kenny out…..and cast the action under a microscope to see what exactly was taking place, it should be viewed as a definitive verdict, though not looked at as a blowout. Tevin was awarded the victory by unanimous decision, and he made the 3rd successful defense of his IBF Super-Featherweight Championship title belt.

Dave Braslow = 117 – 111 for TEVIN FARMER
Sylvain Leblanc = 117 – 111 for TEVIN FARMER
John Poturaj = 117 – 110 TEVIN FARMER

Jon Uddin = 116 – 112 for TEVIN FARMER
Tré Berry = 116 – 112 for TEVIN FARMER

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