Slick southpaw expert boxer Tevin ‘American Idol’ Farmer (28-4-1, 6KO) brings his IBF Super-Featherweight title with him to the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to put it on the line against the second highest ranked IBF world contender, that being Ireland’s Jono ‘Celtic Warrior’ Carroll (16-0-1, 3KO).

Please don’t mistake any of these guys for power punchers, however both enjoy getting in a good scrap, and it is apparent that they don’t like each other all too well, giving them more reason for a battle to break out on Friday. Here are some quotes that were stated by both in the lead ups to this fight…

TEVIN FARMER – “Listen, all that sad story about what you have done, you aren’t going to convince Philly. They are with me. I am going to beat you up real bad, right in front of all of Philadelphia. And you know what, after I beat you, I am going to take you for cheesesteaks. Not Pat’s, Geno’s and all that either. I’m going to take you to the Papi spot. That’s the best spot. So listen, if you don’t know me, I am Tevin Farmer. I am a real Philly fighter. I came from nothing and I owe it all to my team. This year I am looking to fight four or five times, maybe six if I can. I want to go down as one of the best to ever do it and 2019 is going to be a huge year for me.”

JONO CARROLL – “I love Philly, I know you have heard me jawing with Tevin but I do love the city and all the fans. I don’t care what this little pea-brain says in the background. I have been an underdog in most of my fights but I keep winning and winning and winning. Come March 15, this kid Farmer won’t know what hits him. I am going to take his belt, easy work. I’ll take that home with me. If he beats me, you know what, I will take my hat off and tell him that he is a hell of a man. You know why? Because it is going to take a hell of a man to beat me.”

Now that fight week is here, with this battle on the horizon, the talking stops, and the fists take over as the real conversation takes place in the ring through action. If successful, this will be Farmer’s 4th title defense, and as for Carroll, this is his first shot at the big time. The fight will be shown live on DAZN’s streaming service on Friday, at 7 o’clock P.M. EST.

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