Another Cruiserweight Elite Moves Up to the Heavyweight Division

If you’ve been wondering where Murat ‘Iron’ Gassiev (26-1-0, 19KO) has been these past few months, then you weren’t the only one.

Widely considered as the second best Cruiserweight in the world, the last time that we saw Gassiev in the ring was when he lost to Oleksandr Usyk in the WBSS finals in an all-or-nothing unification match, which took place in July of last year, roughly 8 months ago.

Witnessing the manner in which Murat was defeated was really a testament to how good Usyk has been up to this point, because Gassiev is undoubtedly one of the better fighters that we have in the sport today.

We haven’t had much news to share on his whereabouts over time, however we have recently learned that Gassiev has decided to step up a weight class to try and establish himself against a Heavyweight division that is becoming a quality class once again, a welcoming declaration after a dark period where the division was arguably at its lowest point a decade ago.

Perhaps his move to Heavyweight was already foreshadowed by him not partaking in the second WBSS that is taking place currently to weigh his long-term options. There are also reports coming out that Gassiev is ready to sign a contract with DAZN to use as his platform.

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