A King Ventures Up to Take On the Big Dogs, a 2-Fight Plan Put in Place As an Introduction

Boxing’s P4P UNDISPUTED WBA/WBC/WBO/IBF Cruiserweight Champion Oleksandr Usyk (16-0-0, 12KO) has finally decided to make the venture up to the Heavyweight division official.

Upon mutual agreement with a showdown looming, both Usyk and fellow Gold-Medalist Alexander Povetkin (34-2-0, 24KO) will have separate fights scheduled on May 18th, to be held on the same DAZN card in tune-up fights against opponents to be discussed further in a later column. The agreement is for Usyk and Povetkin to fight later on in 2019 if they get through their tune-up fights with positive results.

Taking the time to reflect upon this move on Usyk’s behalf, while Usyk still retains all his belts for the time being, this will likely cap off a legendary Cruiserweight run where we saw Usyk clean out the top of the division en route to winning the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS), and became Cruiserweight’s only Undisputed Champion to make a defense of all titles at once with his scintillating performance against well respected recent retiree Tony Bellew.

Usyk had solidified himself as one of the 2 greatest Cruiserweight’s of all-time, and now he looks up with intentions of conquering the big fish in the most recognized division in the sport, with greater lucrative opportunities to take up.

Usyk has his eyes set on Anthony Joshua as the potential mega-match, and naturally with his move up, he becomes an automatic mandatory. The natural question to that revelation is “how?”  Well considering that Usyk has the WBO Cruiserweight title, anytime that you make a move up in weight and vacate your WBO strap without losing it in the ring, you automatically get a #1 or #2 ranking in the WBO system at the next weight class, and you’re essentially awarded first dibs to that new divisions current WBO Champion.

Of course Usyk will have to take care of business in his inaugural Heavyweight match-ups, however if he prevails, then he has a blueprint to get to the mega-fight that he wants as an option while he mulls over the pace he wants to take as a Heavyweight.

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