The Cuban sensation ‘King Kong’ Luis Ortiz (31-1-0, 26KO) fought and secured a unanimous decision victory over Christian Hammer (24-6-0, 14KO) at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

This fight, albeit a one sided bout, had some interesting moments, and produced a good deal of entertainment, perhaps more than what was expected of it by boxing pundits.

The fight in large was centered around Ortiz peppering with his right jab, diverting Hammers attention upstairs with probing punches, to mix in some body shots successfully. For what was Hammers U.S. debut, in terms of intrigue and watch-ability, he did himself some pretty good justice, showing that he’s a stubborn fighter, who showcased his propensity in being a clever counter-puncher, albeit trailing behind Ortiz in experience and class.

Despite Ortiz being listed at the age of 39 (there are questions about the legitimacy of his age), he has proven that his reaction time, stamina and footwork are still in top-notch form. Of course Ortiz’s chief priority expressed in the post-fight interview was to target the Champions and get a shot with unified WBA/WBO/IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua, and/or a re-match with WBC Champion Deontay Wilder.

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