Humberto Soto defeats Rios, makes hometown proud

Not sure what the future holds for Humberto Soto, but in fight number 81 of his career he put on an excellent performance in front of his hometown fans of Tijuana Saturday night, picking up his 69th career win by unanimous decision over Brandon Rios.

It was a fight about seven years past it’s expiration date and no belts were on the line, both former lightweight champions knew that the stakes were for future relevance in the current landscape of boxing.

We got what we’ve come to expect from Soto and Rios, twelve rounds of action. Soto just worked more and used the ring better than Rios, often taking rounds in the last ten seconds with an incredible flurry of punches. Rios would work well in spots but too often Soto was just landing the more telling shots, body punches and combos.

We will have to wait and see what decision both of these fighters make on their futures in the ring, but Saturday night they delivered their fans, if for the last time.

Humberto Soto moves to (69-9-2, 37KO)
Brandon Rios falls to (35-5-1, 26KO)

The Combat Project score: 117-111 Soto

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