In what resulted in a sloppy fight all-around, Chris Eubank Jr. (29-2-0, 21KO) secures the biggest win of his career by defeating James ‘Chunky’ DeGale (25-3-1, 15KO) by way of unanimous decision to win the minor IBO Super-Middleweight title.

Throughout the fight, you could sense some improvement shown in Eubank Jr. under the tutelage of new Trainer Nate Vasquez, straightening his punches, and utilizing a more measured attack.

DeGale looked terrible in the fight to be frank. His footwork was uncoordinated, his punches were wild, hands were down and he spent the majority of the 36 minutes lunging straight forward to clinch after a punch was fired.

Contributing to the ugliness of the bout, DeGale was clearly leading with his head throughout the entire match, and in the 1st round, a cut was opened over DeGale’s eye in the 1st round as a result of a headbutt he initiated.

Eubank Jr. found Degale with a big right hand that staggered him in the second round, and Eubank overpowered him to the corner where he punished the former champ, to where the referee stepped in to rule it a knockdown. From this moment on, much of the action was sustained, with Eubank Jr. timing DeGale, sneaking in power shots and wobbling DeGale on multiple occasions.

Whenever Eubank Jr. would push forward with a strong attack, DeGale went to retreat mode to evade the onslaught, but Eubank never let up, and routinely found DeGale, roughing him up and landing significant shots, most notably when James was pinned to the ropes.

DeGale was put down once again in the 10th round, but he was able to get up at the bell. A point was deducted from Eubank Jr. in the 11th round for picking DeGale up, and bodyslamming him to the canvas with force. DeGale didn’t seem to have any answers in the final stanza to surmount a dramatic moment, and they fought their way to the final bell.

Two of the scorecards were a little screwy, however the fight was awarded to the correct man, and Eubank Jr. finally got the name on record that he had been targeting.

DeGale prior to the fight suggested that if he was to lose to Eubank Jr., that he would retire from the sport of boxing. After the fight, when asked about the fight itself and the prospects of his future, DeGale stated…

“I didn’t do enough, I just didn’t do enough. When you’re in there with someone like Chris on you…I’ll have to go back and watch it. I just didn’t do enough.”

“I’mma go back, talk to my team, talk to my family. I’ve been to the highest of the highest in boxing, if I call it a day now, I’m good.”

TRÉ BERRY – 117 – 108 for CHRIS EUBANK JR.
JON UDDIN – 118 – 107 for CHRIS EUBANK JR.

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