Talking Legends:📽️ Shane Mosley

The memory of 🇺🇸‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley (49-10-1, 41KO) and his legacy that he built has dimmed in the minds of the masses somewhat overtime and doesn’t fully get the credit he deserves.  Perhaps this has to do with his nickname-sake, but that shouldn’t be a detriment for what he was able to do, and what he accomplished, which will cast him into the Hall Of Fame presumably first-ballot when his time comes.

He was a 3X Lineal Champion and won titles in 3 different weight divisions. He was also one of the greatest Lightweights post-Duran era, and jumped up 2 divisions to Welterweight, where he continued to thrive at the big time.

The lot of fighters he mixed it up with was very extensive, and he was notorious for always going for and competing in rematches, either to avenge a loss, or to give a conquered opponent an opportunity to bounce back, which is very commendable, and spoke to his willingness to fight the best. There are 5 fighters whom he had rematches with, them being Oscar De La Hoya (2X), Vernon Forrest (2X), Fernando Vargas (2X), Winky Wright (2X) and Ricardo Mayorga (2X).

He had an explosive style with seemingly unmatched speed, reflexes, strength and punching power, and he knew how to out-will and out-maneuver his opponents, beating them to the punch and wearing them down in fights. Though he wasn’t quite on the level of the other 2 greats named Sugar, in a few ways, he did do the name some justice. Here are a list of his accomplishments.

– 3X Lineal Champion (147, 154)
– 5X World Champion (WBA, WBC, IBF)
– 3-Division Champion (135, 147, 154)
– 15 Wins in World Title Fights
– Defeated 8 Fighters who were World Champions
– Ring-Mag P4P Best Fighter in the World (2000, 2001)

STANDOUT MOMENT – Out-hustling Oscar De La Hoya in the 12th round of their 1st fight to take the WBC Welterweight world title.
NOTABLE WINS – Oscar De La Hoya (2X), Jesse James Leija, Phillip Holiday, Fernando Vargas (2X), Ricardo Mayorga (2X), Antonio Margarito

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